MB Crushers distribution to SEMCO in Australia

Published 16/5, 2017 at 12:30

MB Crusher has appointed Semco Equipment Sales as distributor for Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and New Zealand in Australia. Semco will sell, service and support the MB Crusher range of specialised buckets in the region, while distribution in the western and central states will continue through DM Breaker in Perth.

“We are very pleased with the MB Crushers appointment which will enable us to assist our customers achieve the full productivity potential of their current equipment fleet as well as adding flexibility to future equipment purchases," said Semco representative Graham Murphy. “MB Crushers is an acknowledged world leader in bucket crusher technology. The company has an outstanding approach to quality and manages all manufacturing processes from research and development to production and sales”. 

Crusher and screening buckets allow operators and contractors to reprocess materials in situ, helping reduce the load on the environment by making useful by-products of otherwise low value raw feed material. In urban areas the carting and dumping costs alone often mean a fast return on investment, and in rural areas it can mean producing very useful and valuable materials in places where buying materials is often prohibitively expensive.


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