Merit appoints three new international distributors

Published 16/5, 2017 at 12:23

Merit Engineering and Equipment, based in Prescott, Arizona, US, has added three new international distributors, Diamond Tools Technology in Canada, Alfer Diamant in Spain and Portugal and Artizan Diamond Tools and Equipment in New Zealand.

Diamond Tools Technology services all of Canada with offices and shipping locations in Montreal, Toronto and Calgary. 

Alfer Diamant started in 2007 to provide solutions for cutting and drilling reinforced concrete and is currently located in Madrid and Lisbon, covering the entire Iberian Peninsula. As pioneers in the introduction of installed diamond discs, Alfer Diamant adapted their components to offer a product that covers all cutting needs.

They participate in training and promotion through the workshops carried out by the cutting and drilling association, as well as the training of the employees in the courses approved by the Labour Foundation. 

Artizan Diamond Tools and Equipment began in 2003, originally as a small hydraulic core drilling supplier. After a short time, they saw the need for specialized construction equipment and expanded to provide a complete range of diamond tooling and associated equipment for all construction sectors.

“Merit was founded as a small, family-operated business that prides itself on supplying the concrete cutting industry with best-in-class equipment,” said Merit business development director Alexis Ferguson DiMarco. “As we grow and reach into new global markets, Merit will stay true to these values by seeking distribution partners that share our vision and core values.”


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