MobyDick helps contain contamination

Published 2/3, 2017 at 13:49

When Ahrens Contracting acquired the contract to demolish and remediate the abandoned and polluted Carter Carburettor site in St Louis, Missouri, US, they turned to MobyDick to contain the contamination.

After the plant stopped production in 1984 it became an EPA Superfund Site. Among other chemical contaminants, polychlorinated biphenyls  and trichloroethylene impacted the soil and ACM was found in the buildings. Recycled concrete from the demolished buildings was used as fill for the significant quantity of extremely contaminated soil that was removed from the site and shipped by rail to landfill out of state.

Vehicles exiting the exclusion zone had to be decontaminated by a well-defined EPA procedure. Ahrens’ choice of MobyDick equipment was a great asset to achieving its objectives that no dirt or dust got past the fence. The wheel wash was the last stop and the roads were kept clean. The MobyDick dust control cannons worked well containing the demolition and the concrete recycling crushing generated dust.

When searching for equipment to help meet the strict EPA contaminant control guidelines for the site, Ahrens Contracting turned to the wheel washing MobyDick brand from Frutiger.

Ahrens needed to ensure no chemicals of concern left the site on the wheels or chassis of trucks leaving the project. The MobyDick ConLine Model 400MC surface mounted wheel wash system Ahrens purchased automated that process. “The faster solution was a boon,” said project manager Ted Ahrens. “It saved us overhead on cleaning tyres, and is safer for labourers than holding a fire hose. It frees them up for other work. The MobyDick tyre wash was assembled in two days and the company sent a field service technician to site to supervise, train and assist.”

As the project outgrew Ahrens’ existing fleet of dust control cannons, the company again reached out to Frutiger to acquire two of the new MobyDick dust control cannons. “Automatic cannons with wireless remote control lets labourers and operators stand safely back from the demolition. Equipment operators like being able to move them from within the cab to handle rapidly changing wind conditions and work at varying elevations,” said Ahrens.

He also praised MobyDick as a whole, citing a high level of satisfaction with his company’s MobyDick ConLine as a factor in the purchase of the dust control cannons. “We had good results with the tyre wash and it’s nice to deal with one company that can offer multiple products and stand behind those products. The MobyDick Dust Control Cannon performs very well,” said Ahrens.

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