National Flooring Equipment launches Helix grinder

Published 3/3, 2017 at 14:36

The US surface preparation company National Flooring Equipment has launched the Helix planetary grinder. It combines ease of transport, manoeuvrability and edge-grinding capabilities in a machine for small commercial or residential jobs.

Designed for small jobs and tough to reach spaces, the Helix is a 406mm planetary grinder that creates the ideal profile for new coatings. The machine features an edge grinder, dual speed operation, an adjustable handle and a floating dust skirt.

The Helix’s handle offers operators a range of options. Users can detach the handle from the base, fold it into multiple positions and adjust its height for comfort on the job. This also means the machine is easy to store and transport. The Helix offers an LED light incorporated into the handle so that operators can assess the scratch pattern during the job and ensure maximum efficiency.

“We designed the machine in response to customer feedback to make sure it is engineered specifically for end users,” said NFE president Derek Olson. “The design of the Helix means it is ideal for manoeuvring and transporting during small residential or light commercial jobs.”

“One key benefit of this machine is its edge-grinding capabilities. Whereas the majority of grinders are only able to reach within 25mm 50mm of the wall, the Helix has a specifically designed edge grinding portion that means it can reach within 12mm of the wall on the left or right side of the grinding head. This dramatically reduces labour intensive hand grinding needed to complete the job.”

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