New CK Series from VTN at Bauma

Published 19/4, 2016 at 13:54

VTN Europe is introducing a new Combi Kit multitool which meets the largest variety of complex demolition requirements, according to the manufacturer.

The multitool is suitable for specialized demolition contractors focused on safety, efficiency and productivity on jobsites, rental companies focused on the demolition market and users who try to combine several services with as few tools as possible.

The VTN Combi Kit on show at Bauma is multipurpose because it can perform any type of demolition task in one tool like primary and secondary crushing as well as selective handling of waste to be recycled.

The versatile CK series allows one equipment to have five jaw configuration; D Jaws for primary and selective demolition, P Jaws for primary and secondary demolition, jaws for primary, secondary and selective demolition of steel structure, R Jaws, a compromise between D and S jaws and CH Jaws for primary and secondary demolition to reduce material into small pieces..

The CK series is fast and safe and only needs a few minutes for the replacement of the jaws with the rotation by removal of only two pins. The series contains CK14 for excavator between the 13t and 21t, CK21 for excavator between 18t and 27t and CK28 for excavator between 26t and 35t.

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