New demolition Robots from Brokk and Top Tec

Published 29/12, 2016 at 15:43

Brokk has launched three new demolition robots Brokk 110, Brokk 280 and Brokk 120 Diesel to mark its 40th anniversary this year. And Top Tec has added the new electric remotely controlled demolition robot, Top Tec 1500E. Mikael Karlsson reports.

Brokk recently introduced the remotely controlled demolition robot Brokk 110 at the demolition show Demcon in Stockholm, Sweden. The new Brokk 110 delivers 15% more power than the Brokk 100 and 50% more power than the Brokk 90. At the same time, it retains the compact format of the Brokk 100, making it exceptionally versatile in restricted spaces. It folds up into a compact package that easily can climb stairs or fit into an elevator. And with a weight below 1t, it is the perfect machine for use on floors with a low load bearing capacity.


New SmartPower System

The Brokk 110 is equipped with the Brokk SmartPower electrical system, which optimises performance based on factors, such as the quality of the power supply and the environment. The new system was designed from scratch for the extreme work environments of Brokk machines to complement reliability and ease of servicing. SmartPowerTM makes it possible to run the machine on lower quality power supply and provides increased availability of the machine over its life.

The Brokk 110 also has some protective elements, such as headlight protections for the LED headlights. There is also added protection in the paint choice, where the new roughened grey colour adds an additional level of resistance to scratches that makes it last longer. Every part, every detail and every function is designed to take a pounding so that the robot can keep on delivering on site.

Earlier in the year Brokk also launched the new Brokk 280 and Brokk 120 Diesel, the world’s smallest diesel-driven demolition robot. The new Brokk 280 has a reach of 6.2m and weighs of 3.15t. It also features 20% increased demolition performance over its predecessor.

The Brokk 120 Diesel is compact and only 780mm wide. This enables it to pass through any standard door opening and makes it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces. Meanwhile its low weight of about 1.2t gives it access to work even on weak floors and makes it easy to transport to site.

The introduction of three new machines during 2016 has marked Brokk’s celebrates 40th anniversary and has delivered over 7,000 demolition robots worldwide.


New Compact Robot from Top Tec

Top Tec Spezialmaschinen this year launched the new electric remotely controlled demolition robot, Top Tec 1500E, which is the smallest robot in the company’s product range.

The new machine weights 1.6t has a height in the driving position of 1.19m, maximum width of 1.25m and can drive through tunnels and openings from 1.42m diameter.

The undercarriage has four separate outriggers with rubber shoes. The three-part arm and the quick-coupler allow the use of all conceivable tools.

The Top Tec 1500 E is electro-hydraulic and has a power of 15kW and can carry tools up to 200kg. The weight is approximately 1.75t and the support beams can be shortened to only 780mm. It can drive through every 80 cm wide door. A manhole with a diameter of 1.42 m extends as a transit circle.

The TopTec 1500 E is the little sister of the TopTec 1850 E and also has two support beams and the same robust chain running gear. It is also available with steel brackets.

All machines are equipped with cable and radio controls at the factory. Standard is also horns, residual current circuit breakers, headlights and load holding valves for the extremely stable arm. On request, the TopTec 1500 E can also be equipped with heat-resistant hoses, hydraulic track adjustment, steel mounts and more.

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