New developments from Ausa to be launched at Intermat

Published 17/4, 2018 at 10:43

Spanish manufacturer Ausa has announced a totally new dumper concept that will define the line for the foreseeable future of the company.

Some of the new features include telematics, a ‘stop-start’ system, full visibility, an improvement of general safety, and different driving modes providing more efficient fuel consumption.

3 new models will be launched at Intermat: firstly the D600AHG with a load capacity of 6t, hydrostatic drive and power of 55 kW. The D450AHG, which was initially launched in February 2017, but is only now generally available. This has load capacity of 4.5t and power of 36.5kW.  A new compact dumper will also be unveiled; the ID100AHA possesses reduced external dimensions making it ideal for working in confined spaces. 900mm wide, it is able to deal with a load of up to 1t. 

Intermat will also see the launch of Ausa’s ‘Full Visibility System’, a safety development that provides two cameras with infrared night vision, eight proximity sensors and a TFT screen for the driver’s position. This technology is directly taken from the automotive sector, which provides the operator with total vision of surroundings, allowing constant awareness of activities both in front, and to the rear of the vehicle that are often lost to the operators direct field of vision.

Ausa also states that other, yet unnamed developments will be unveiled during the Paris show.

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