New dust extraction equipment

Published 22/6, 2016 at 16:05

Ronda - The range of the Danish Ronda heavy-duty vacuum cleaners has been extended with the addition of the Ronda 2800H

The new vacuum cleaner is available with a Longopac collection system, with a 40litre container for concrete dust, a 65litre container for light dust, and also a combination with Longopac bags in a container.

An optional flap valve unit over the collection system ensures almost dust-free emptying, where it is necessary. It will be possible to configure the machine for emptying during operation. If large quantities of fine concrete dust from a floor grinder are to be collected, it will be possible for one operator to empty the vacuum cleaner while another operator continues to work with the floor grinder.

The Ronda 2800H has been designed to handle large quantities of fine dust, and is equipped with the multi-tube filter system, which is used in other Ronda machines. At the same time the filter load will be reduced by means of the cyclone effect. The machine is also equipped with the Ronda filter cleaning system.

The machine has three Green Tech motors, which can be switched on separately and is available for 230V and 380V.  It has been designed for the construction industry and has a metal frame and equipped with large wheels, which make the machine suitable for transport between and on sites.



Ruwac from the US has introduced the PV10 propane vacuum, the latest addition in its line of alternative power vacuums. Unlike most vacuum systems, the PV10 is completely independent of power cords, airlines and electricity. Instead, the PV10 operates off a propane power source backed by a Kawasaki engine. Combined with a 12V electric start, heavy-duty casters, a fibreglass frame and handle bar, Ruwac has made it possible for to take this vacuum virtually anywhere.

The PV10’s foot-actuated drop down dustpan and filter shaker system will make cleaning hassle-free, but also add life to the vacuum system. A simple shake, step, pull and empty will result in a dust-free clean up alongside prolonged filter life and improved vacuum performance.

This vacuum is also equipped with a MicroClean filter that is 99.9% efficient at 0.5µm for longer vacuum cycles and less filter maintenance. For applications that require complete filtration, an optional DOP tested and certified HEPA module is available.


The new range of Blastrac dust collectors is equipped with a high-efficiency particulate air filter, which guarantees a suction of 99.995% for the particles greater than 0,18µm for a total safety when used on hazardous materials such as asbestos or lead paint.

Blastrac has developed a full set of dust collectors equipped with HEPA filters, designed for jobs including remediation, decontamination, asbestos & lead paint removals.

In addition, Blastrac also has a LongoPac system available that throws all the dust particles straight into a bagging system. This guarantees no dust or hazardous particles escaping into the environment.

The new line of Blastrac dust collectors is completely HEPA certified. To be even more efficient and safer, Blastrac has also developed split versions, composed of three units, the filter and safety filter unit box, both equipped with HEPA filter and the suction unit.

The motor is outside the contaminated area. The safety filter unit is used to make the connection between the contaminated and the safe areas whist the filtering unit is inside the contaminated zone.

The industrial dust collector can be installed on the ground floor whilst one BGS-250 and one BHG-1800 are working on the floors above.

The range of Blastrac dust collectors HEPA certified is composed of:


BDC-138HLP-UD, with a motor power of 3kW

BDC-138H SPLIT, with a motor power of 3kW

BDC-3160H, with a motor power of 5.5kW

BDC-3160H SPLIT, with a motor power of 5.5kW

BDC-15KW SPLIT, with a motor power of 15kW


Blastrac has also developed cyclone systems, which complement the original dust collectors. They have been designed for jobs with a lot of dust. They have better dust capture and increase the lifetime of the dust collector filters.

The Blastrac cyclonic pre-separators are available in two different sizes. They allow capturing between 80% and 90% of dust, increasing the lifetime of the dust collector’s filters. On the largest cyclonic pre-separator, it is possible to connect several machines.



A relatively new method for the purification of dust-laden air is exposure to ionization. During ionization positive and negative oxygen molecules are created in the air. The molecules form larger particles that fall to the floor. Thanks to that they can be swept, scooped or sucked up. It takes a few minutes before the ionization to act, so the apparatus can be switched on for a while before chiselling, drilling or cutting begins. The investment in the new ionization technology is expected to cost just over €5,000.

Oxysan is built up of filters and ionization tubes. The unit’s noise level is below 50 dB(A). The machine is equipped with a HEPA filter to keep the exhaust air purified. Oxysan purifies the air in a natural way and provides the same health benefits of clean, fresh outdoor air. Hazardous micro particles are removed by ionization. All kinds of dust, concrete dust, asbestos fibres, wood dust, is removed and the effect remains up to two hours after the machine is turned off.

The manufacturer says that air exchange in a building considerably reduces capacity, reducing the effectiveness of the damp conditions. Small amounts of ozone can be formed at ionization and is important that staff are informed and trained properly.

Oxysan, which is manufactured by the Swedish company Mpirum, is available in three sizes 1000, 2000 and 3000 with capacities of 60m3 to 1500m3, depending on the model and degree of soiling. The smaller model is recommended for operation at painting and related grinding jobs. Oxysan 2000 is made for construction and demolition jobs, and fire damage. The 3000 model is for bigger demolition jobs.

Pullman Ermator  

New since 2015 is the air cleaner A4000, designed for big jobs. With a capacity of 4000m3/h it can handle work surfaces up to 250m2. The machine has a central exhaust at the rear where the discharge hose can be attached. It is equipped with disposable pre-filter and four H13 filters. Hepa filters are of the same kind as those of the A1000. The filter frame is mounted with hinges and buckles to make filter changes easy and quick. It is also easy to move when equipped with lockable non-marking wheels. It is equipped with a warning light when it is time to change the filter.


A highlight of Dehaco’s booth at Bauma was self-supporting dust control system Tera. Unlike conventional water cannons with nozzles, Tera features the patented Demto rotor. The rotor produces the same fine mist of water as a traditional cannon, but, due to the absence of nozzles, scale build-up is no longer a problem. Depending on the job’s requirements, the rotor allows users to choose between coarse, medium and fine droplet sizes. The ventilator, which controls throw distance, also operates in three modes: “Eco”. “Eco Boost” and “Power Boost”. Equipped with a generator and a 2,200l water tank, the Tera system can be installed on a double- or triple-axle trailer, which makes it a mobile and fully self-contained dust control solution. As standard, the Tera machines feature a 335° electrically operated rotation, a digital flow meter showing previous and current water consumption parameters, manual tilting, a control panel with switches and lifting eyes for easy transportation. Currently the Tera series includes four 400V models, ranging in throw distance from 45 to 90m, and one small model available either in 230 or 110V configuration with a throw distance of 25m. Also on the display there were Dehaco’s hydraulic breakers from the proven IBEX range as well as a full line of attachments for demolition and recycling applications. Dehaco is a Holland-based one-stop supplier of demolition, dust control and personal protection equipment to professional contractors throughout Europe with an over 30 years track record in the industry.

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