New Hilti detection software

Published 22/4, 2016 at 12:30

The new Hilti Profis detection software brings two software solutions into one package. Hilti unites scan analysis for Hilti detection systems PS 200/250 Ferroscan and the GPR unit PS 1000 X/Scan in one program. Engineers have multiple measurements from non-destructive structural analysis and coverage data available in one software program.

Whether using the Hilti Ferroscan PS 200 system, Ferroscan PS 250 system or the Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan users will find the Profis detection software provides full data processing which can be evaluated and/or integrated into 3D models, including 2D and 3D plan views or cross-sectional images.

The Hilti X-Scan PS 1000 system was developed with the aim of locating metallic and non-metallic objects in concrete structures up to 700mm by pulse radar.  The PS 1000 can locate post tensioned cable that is normally located under the rebar. Operators can be more confident about avoiding cutting or drilling into post tension cables. With the integrated EM-current sensor, the system reports which object, is a live cable inside the concrete member.

The Hilti Ferroscan PS 250 and 200 systems determine the position, diameter and number of rebars in the concrete up to 171mm below the surface by electromagnetic induction.

By combining the scanned data of both Hilti systems, larger prestressed reinforced concrete structures can be analyzed.  Hilti provides the all-in-one solution for concrete scanning professionals and consultants seeking to streamline the workflow from the site to the office and back to the site.

Users can now overlay scan data from three different sensors and view the information on one data output for three views in one.  It is now easier to identify, classify and show rebar diameter, while accurately displaying the depth of cover information gathered from a Hilti Ferroscan.  This also features a live view of electrical cables in conduits from the Hilti X-Scan all in one document.

Profis detection also allows users to export to Profis Anchors and other 3D model software as well as providing options for the creation of reports and documentation.

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