New Keestrack B3e jaw crusher

Published 15/11, 2017 at 17:11

At the MATEXPO in Belgium Keestrack presented the diesel electric B3e hybrid jaw crusher. Its extremely compact transport dimensions, low transport weight and 1000mm x 600mm jaw enables the B3e to continuously deliver up to 300t/h.

A 42.5kVA on-board generator supplies the power and offers direct fuel savings and operating cost advantages when driving a connected electrical screening unit or a stockpile conveyor. With up 5litres increased consumption in compound operations, Keestrack assesses that immediate benefits can be derived thanks to a higher added value through high-quality end-products or a clearly higher stockpiling capacity when operated by a single individual.

Keestrack’s hybrid B3e is positioned as a construction site crusher for rapid relocation, even for small batches. For higher performance demands or operators with access to cost effective electrical power, Keestrack is offering its new fully hybrid jaw crusher B4e. In this case, a 110kW electric motor is responsible for driving the 1100mm x 700mm crusher and in addition an electric 55kW motor/pump unit powers all the hydraulic components. Similarly, the Keestrack B4e can be operated entirely from the mains supply, which Keestrack believes can achieve considerable savings in energy costs of up to 70%. 

In mobile applications in the field, the on-board combination of a 242kW diesel engine and 225kVA generator powers the machine, which provides a guarantee to the operator of full flexibility and high investment security on resale.

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