New material handlers and orange-peel grapples from Caterpillar

Published 18/12, 2017 at 14:10

On Friday the 24 November, Caterpillar organized a press meeting at their premises in Echirolles, Grenoble, France. A number of journalists from different construction magazines in Europe attended to see the launch of the new range of Cat wheeled material handlers series. Cat also launched two new orange-peel grapples at the same time.

Cat organized very interesting event at their factory in Echirolles in France showing their new models of wheeled waste handlers and two new orange-peel grapples. It was a well organised press event with a small group of journalists where there were plenty of time to ask questions, study the new products and the premises it selves located near the magnificent alps.


Also demolition attachment news

As one of PDi magazine’s main focus is demolition attachments, editor-in-chief Jan Hermansson, also got the chance to look at the recently launched new scrap shear Cat S3050, the Multi Processors MP332 + D jaw and MP324.

The new range of Cat® wheel material handlers (MH3022, MH3024, MH3026) maintains the Caterpillar purpose-built philosophy for these machines, while reflecting engineering refinements that tailor them more precisely to specific industrial applications. Further improvements for these 2018 models include features that support rapid return-on-investment and enhance overall performance, versatility, and safety. 

The design of the new material handlers is focused on application efficiency and reduced owning costs. For example, users need not buy a machine with a wide undercarriage if materials being handled are low density, and shorter front linkages are available if the machine frequently works in confined spaces.  If work requires greater lifting capacities and a larger working envelope, then the MH3026 is the optimum machine, equipped with a long MH boom and providing a choice of three drop-nose sticks—ranging in length from 4.9 to 5.9 m (16.1 to 19.3 ft.), three straight sticks—and a choice of three undercarriage sizes. Another noticeable addition for the new models is the front push blade, now available for all undercarriage types. These blades provide an easy way to clear the working area and push materials commonly encountered in waste and mill-yard applications. Working on surfaces free of debris can further extend tire life, resulting in greater operational efficiency.


Two new orange-peel grapples

The new Cat® GSV520 and GSV520 GC orange-peel grapples, designed with features to enhance strength, reliability, and durability, incorporate new easy-loading tines and vertical cylinders that create a profile to facilitate greater material swing and more efficient bulk-material handling. The new grapples, purpose-built for Cat MH3022, MH3024, and MH3026 wheel material handlers, are available in a five-tine-shell configuration, both closed and semi-closed versions, and feature a new rotation design. 

 The GSV520 and GSV520 GC, which replace GSM25-Series grapples, provide users a choice for matching the grapple to the needs of the operation. The GSV520 GC allows the lowest acquisition and excellent life-cycle value; the GSV520 provides the lowest overall owning and operating costs and optimum life-cycle performance.

Both new grapples are suited for use in a wide range of materials, including shredded scrap, long structural beams, car bodies, and solid waste at recycling and transfer stations. The enhanced performance of the new grapples helps waste-handling operations meet the challenges of increased environmental regulation, increased pressure to recycle, and more stringent budgets. Compared with predecessor models, the GSV520 and GSV520 GC models also have lower operating weights for optimum performance and fuel savings. 

Information about the new Cat shears can be read in our special feature about new scrap shears in this issue on pages 46-50.


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