New mini excavators from CASE

Published 3/3, 2017 at 11:44

Case Construction Equipment has added the new C Series mini excavator line with six models ranging from 1.7t to 6t. These are the first products of the new range, which will be extended with additional models during 2017 and will be introduced to the US market at Conexpo.

“The mini excavator is an essential product line for construction businesses,” said Case mini excavator product marketing manager Gaston Le Chevalier de la Sauzaye. “They account for the biggest industry volumes by far at 53,000 units for Europe, and the market is increasing each year. With the new C Series, we deliver what our customers tell us they need most from this product line is outstanding productivity, comfort and safety.”

The C Series mini excavators are the first products resulting from the brand’s strategic alliance with HHI. The 5.7t and 6t models are produced at one of the partner’s facilities, while the Case excavator hub in San Mauro, Italy, assembles the four new models below 5t for markets worldwide.

The CX17C and CX18C are the ideal machines to work in confined spaces. They feature hydraulically retractable tracks with inner routing of hydraulic hoses. When the tracks are retracted, the machines are less than 1m wide and the CX17C has a zero tail swing.

The hydraulic flow in both machines delivers 5% higher digging efficiency than the previous models. The auto shift-down function on the CX17C, which optimises traction and speed and the joystick controlled auxiliary hydraulics, enable the operator to get the job done even faster. 

The 2.6t and 3.7t CX26C and CX37C models are available with a choice of long and short arms, with a maximum dig depth of 2,645mm and 2,420mm respectively for the CX26C, and 3,440mm and 3,135mm respectively for the CX37C.  They are also available with additional counterweights and rubber tracks. Steel tracks are also available on the CX37C.

The CX57C and CX60C are the two models at the top of the new range. The 5.7t and 6t models feature the best instrument cluster on the market with a multi-colour, 145mm LCD touchscreen. The convenient hands-free system with USB and AUX ports, SD card reader and 12V power outlet make it easy to integrate most modern mobile devices.

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