New Pentruder HFi system at Bebosa

Published 16/5, 2017 at 12:58

Pentruder introduced the modular HFi system at the recent Bebosa show in Willingen, Germany, in March.

Pentruder has chosen to leave the NTGRA system with integrated electronics on each machine, in favour of a modular system. The HFi system is the next generation HF system to build on for the future. The advantages include low weight of each machine, modularity and built in electrical safety features.

The new HFi system is planned for market introduction at the end of 2017. 

Also new is the Pentruder RS2 wall saw, which has an integrated high power motor and weighs 23kg. This was shown alongside the new MDU3 core drill with 10kW output power that takes a maximum drill bit of 1m. It weighs 13 kg and an integrated intelligent automatic feed will add 1.5kg to the core drill.

 A small, light weight Pentpak will drive the wall saw and core drill, as well as a chain saw and other handheld machines.

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