New single cylinder engine from Vanguard

Published 22/2, 2018 at 12:59

Vanguard’s (Briggs & Stratton) has launched a new single cylinder engine which has a horizontal shaft and integrated cyclonic air cleaner.

The key advantages over competitors are that it possesses an easier starting, smart programmable ignition, as well as a deeper well which enables better cold weather starting. 

The governing system allows for more speed at load, enabling users to cut more concrete.  The governed idler delivers more usable power through precise speed settings. These features reflect the design philosophy which enables users to get to work faster than with current models that are available.

The engine possesses a remote operation capability, and a coated carburettor for better fuel tolerance resulting in extended maintenance intervals. Oil filters may last for 600h between changes. Oil is recommended to be changed every 200h - both being significant improvements over current standards. These result in greater productivity from less downtime and reduced maintenance costs as less filters are required as is less oil. 

The new integrated cyclonic air cleaner also possesses a Nano filter media with autoshed technology. This proprietary media was designed specifically for the new line of engines.  The Vanguard engines have global product support and a three year limited warranty. They are also designed with current products on the market in mind, being able to fit in a body for users who need to replace or upgrade their current engines. 

The Vanguard 200 (203cc) will be available in 2018, with future models including Van 400 (408cc), Van 160 and Van 300. 

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