New Terex LC 300 crawler crane

Published 29/12, 2016 at 16:41

Terex Cranes has introduced the LC 300 lattice boom crawler crane, the largest crawler crane in this product range, providing a 300t maximum lift capacity and 1,810mt maximum load moment.

The LC 300 crawler crane has the new Terex counterweight tray design, which consists of two stacks on each side instead of a single stack. This reduces counterweight height, lowers the crane’s centre of gravity with no need for central ballast, and improves counterweight assembly. Stack height can be quickly adjusted to address counterweight needs based on boom configuration and load charts.

Self-assembly of the LC 300 crane’s crawler tracks substantially reduces rigging time. It can be configured with up to 84m of main boom or 60m of main boom with a 72m luffing jib for a total maximum system length of 132m. The main boom can be rigged up to 54m without outside crane assistance.

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