No fumes with Guarda Fume Tube

Published 10/7, 2017 at 12:22

The Guarda Fume Tube is a patented fume extraction device that attaches to the muffler of combustion powered hand saws and enables cutting indoors and in enclosed spaces.

Fume Tube attaches to the saw at the muffler and to a wet vacuum system at the other end. The vacuum is placed outside and up to 46m of extension hose can be run between the saw and the vacuum. The fumes and associated carbon monoxide are vented to the outside mitigating the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Fume Tube comes with a threaded muffler and is attached to the saw once and can be attached and detached as required. Water and air combine to cool the exhaust down the hose so the exhaust fumes do not melt it and the metal Fume Tube manifold runs cold to touch. Water is delivered to the saw blade as normal to dampen the silica dust and that same water is used to cool the fumes as they pass around the Fume Tube manifold and then down the vacuum hose. The recently launched Guarda FTR095 Powercutter comes with the threaded muffler already attached and is ready to take the Fume Tube, which can be connected and disconnected as required. The saw can be run with or without the Fume Tube depending on the cutting situation. This gives users the flexibility to purchase a saw that can take the Fume Tube without having to attach a new threaded muffler to existing saws.

The Guarda Fume Tube was developed because many professional concrete cutters prefer to use petrol powered handsaws instead of electric and hydraulic saws, but could not use these for cutting indoors or in enclosed spaces. The Guarda Fume Tube enables the retention of existing gas powered saws, but also for use indoors. As long as the saw and vacuum are set up and maintained properly and the vacuum is placed outside, carbon dioxide will be discharged to the outside of the building.

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