No holes barred

Published 22/2, 2018 at 16:08

With modern concrete coring equipment, the sky is the limit for specialist contractors. No matter what a drilling task might be - a heavily reinforced foundation slab, a thick brick wall or a reactor vessel at a nuclear power plant - there is no shortage of machinery for professional users to choose from. PDi’s Andrei Bushmarin presents a round-up of the latest news in the core drilling industry.

Core drilling is “EZ” with the latest US Saws solution  

The Core-EZ, developed and manufactured by North America based US Saws, is a new and revolutionary way to core drill in confined spaces and hard to reach areas. Similar in weight and size to a conventional hand held core drill, the Core-EZ is attached to the surface on a single guidepost, which supports the weight of the rig ensuring a perfectly straight hole. The entire system weighs less than 22kg, and fits into a compact carrying case for easy transportation.  

Available in 120V, 220V and 36V cordless versions, the Core-EZ is capable of drilling holes between 76mm and 254mm in diameter. It comes as standard with core bits measuring 304mm in length, but extensions are available to drill deeper. Recent improvements have given the Core-EZ the ability to drill through softer materials such as brick and block at almost any angle through mounting it on to a swivelling guidepost. According to the manufacturer, the Core-EZ has become the preferred system for many professional drillers when tackling specialty projects where traditional rigs often fail. 

Norton Clipper adds three new rigs for pipe drilling  

Norton Clipper has added the CDP ROBO 300, 350 and 350 electric to its core drilling portfolio. The new rigs have been specifically designed to allow drilling directly into concrete pipes. The frame of the machine fits around the dimensions of the pipe providing the operator with stability during use. The compact and lightweight petrol and electric machines enable the use of drills of up to 350mm in diameter featuring a 31.75mm (1¼”) connection. Both the Norton Clipper CDP ROBO 300 and 350 sets include the motor, the motor frame, the exhaust fumes hose (for the petrol motor), the fixing strap and stake to give the machine stability in operation. 

A 10l water tank and accompanying tools, provide operators with a complete solution, whereas its heavy duty frame provides stability even when working in a trench. The machines are easy to set up using a column swing with predefined 45° and 90° positions. For best results, the manufacturer recommends combining the CDP ROBO systems with Norton Clipper Pro CB Beton Robo core bits. These come with an adapted length and are suitable for concrete, reinforced concrete and iron pipes. Currently the new machines and drill bits are only available in Europe. 

Baier Tools expands dry coring range 

Germany based Baier Tools has expanded its dry coring range with the introduction of the BDB 829 model. A development on the BDB 825 which accommodated core bits measuring up to 200mm in diameter, the new system can handle up to 250mm bits. With a powerful 2.2kW motor and a rugged two speed gearbox, the BDB 829 has enough torque to dry drill efficiently through heavily reinforced concrete and any kind of natural stone. Coming complete with a high capacity vacuum cleaner, the in house ‘soft impact’ system and titanium diamond core bits, the Baier dry drilling machines are a great choice on job sites where the use of water is off limits. 

Hilti unveils new water management system 

The first sentence of the Hilti section runs like this: In 2017, Lichtenstein-based trendsetter in diamond drilling techniques Hilti unveiled its latest water management system DD-WMS 100. This has proved to be an essential addition to the Hilti wet drilling range, with the WMS 100 having three operation modes: recycling, vacuum cleaning and water supply. In the recycling mode, water is routed to the drilling tool with simultaneous slurry collection. Water can then be recycled up to seven times which equals to some 100l – more than enough for a full days drilling work – with all the operator having to do is fill up the 14l tank and insert the filter bag. The vacuum cleaning mode prevents slurry from spreading around the job site, and the multilayer filtration bag, means that the recycled water is clean enough not to cause any damage to the diamond core bits. The WMS system comes complete with a set of water collection rings. 

Dust suppression solution from down under   

Following four years of design and development, Australia based Makinex has launched the Hose 2 Go – a constant pressure water supply unit aimed at the hire and rental industry. The Hose 2 Go enables users to supress dust when cutting, core drilling or grinding concrete. The highlight of this solution is the ability to provide a constant water flow without the use of a pump, battery or electronics. With an integrated handle with two carrying positions, the Hose 2 Go is very easy to transport, with its 14l capacity enabling up to 30 minutes of constant flowing water. 


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