One-machine operation

Published 16/5, 2017 at 12:45

MB Crusher was at Conexpo demonstrating to visitors how quickly a mobile plant at a site can be switched between the crushing and screening attachments.

MB Crusher has expanded its product range to include a new line of screening attachments designed for skid loaders, loaders and backhoes, 360° rotation grapples, and dual head rotary drum cutters. 

At its Conexpo demonstration area MB Crusher featured four machines, crushing and screening concrete debris and granite rocks. These were the BF120.4 crusher attachment and the MB-S18 screening attachment on an excavator, and the MB-L140 crusher attachment and MB-LS140 screening attachment on a skid loader.

In addition to the live demonstrations, MB Crusher had its drum cutter and grapple models on static display. MB’s attachments use the host carrier machines and allow contractors the flexibility to work in tight areas, difficult access locations, steep slopes and urban areas. Contractors will be able to reuse materials immediately at the site and provide a greener option in recycling waste materials. 



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