Jan Hermansson Editor-in-Chief

PDi Approaching 20 Years

Published 15/11, 2017 at 17:23

Dear Readers

It is 17 years ago and at about this time of year that we started designing the layout for the first issue of PDi Magazine. At that time the aim was to publish four issues a year and in the early years the number of pages in each issue where only half the number they are now.

To launch a specialist international magazine has been quite a struggle for our small Swedish publishing house when competing with much larger publishers, mainly from the UK and US. But I am proud to say that we have succeeded thanks to a number of things. We are passionate and truly devoted to reporting about the global demolition industry and that commitment has continued and strengthened over the years.

This would not have been possible without our very experienced and dedicated staff, who are amazing and doing a tremendous job producing each issue of PDi. I am very proud to have Anita do Rocio Hermansson, Andrei Bushmarin, Markus Leo, Mikael Karlsson, Jim Parsons, Kevin Mayhew, Darren Dunay, Luiz Carlos Beraldo and Roger Murrow, among other professionals, on our team. 

Of course PDi would not have survived if it were not for the great and continued support of our advertisers, and readers who provide us with so much valuable feedback.

Being a Swedish publishing company within the construction industry we have an ocean of knowledge from Nordic manufacturers and contractors to draw from. We are so thankful for that which was also the initial reason why PDi was founded. The foundation for PDi started with our Swedish national magazine Professionell Demolering first published in 1995. 

In 2000 it was decided to expand internationally by launching the magazine Professional Demolition International. PDi is now approaching its 20th anniversary and the magazine is now more popular then ever and we are very proud and thankful for that. We aim to continue publishing interesting stories about the industries we cover encompassed in the global demolition industry.

There is so much interesting material to publish, contributed from our readers and by our expert team of editors. It has been very encouraging to see the size of the issues continue to grow, but we have decided to continue publishing the magazine bi-monthly for the foreseeable future.

This issue contains many news releases, site reports, company profiles and special features, including our popular feature on new concrete floor grinding and polishing machines and tools. 

Thank you for reading PDi Magazine and we would welcome your feedback.




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