PDi’s Crash Course on excavator attachments

Published 10/10, 2018 at 14:48

The headway made by the demolition and recycling industry over the last decades is simply staggering. From a wrecking ball, and hard to control implosions, the industry has progressed to safe and precise demolition techniques, involving powerful and sophisticated excavator attachments. PDi’s Andrei Bushmarin presents a ‘crash course’ on the latest innovations in the attachment business.

Crushers, shears, multiprocessors, pulverisers and demolition grabs    

Crushers, shears, multiprocessors, pulverisers and demolition grabs are the most powerful weapon in every specialist contractor’s arsenal. Efficient and versatile, they can be applied to a wide range of tasks including primary and secondary demolition, debris recycling and scrap metal processing. 


BIG news from Trevi Benne 

Italian attachment specialist Trevi Benne, has designed a ‘monster of a crusher’ for one of its European customers. Weighing in at 27t, the HC 250 is the biggest model developed by the company for primary demolition tasks. Taking around four months of development work, the finished crusher boasts a jaw opening of 3.1m, height of 5m and a tip force of 545t at 450bar, and will be fitted on a customised Liebherr demolition excavator. When delivering to the customer, Trevi Benne had to custom build a 6t metal cage to comply with road transportation regulations. The project is its final stage, and more details will shortly be available. 



NPK adds new rotating pulveriser 

Japan based NPK has extended its line-up of rotating pulverisers with the addition of the V250R model. Designed for 24 to 35t carriers, the new 2.75t tool has a maximum crushing force of 1,330kN, being ideally suited to diverse applications including demolition of walls, floors and light steel structures as well as secondary crushing jobs.  The V250R is 360° rotatable, and comes with an NPK integrated booster, which turns on automatically whenever the jaws meet resistance. Using a relatively low oil flow, the pressure intensifier system reduces cycle times and increases crushing force. The booster also allows for a compact body design and easy maintenance while reducing the attachment’s overall weight.



ShearCore – a new ‘shear’ force in the attachment business  

Located in Wisconsin, US, ShearCore was founded by Bruce Bacon, a legendary figure in the scrap recycling and demolition industries. Bruce began in the early ‘90s working as a sales manager for Roy Labounty. When Roy sold Labounty, Bruce Bacon first co-founded Genesis Attachments, and then went on to create ShearCore after his partners at Genesis decided to sell the company. ShearCore manufactures the ‘Fortress’ line of attachments, with mobile shears being the company’s core competence. Bruce managed to assemble a strong team around him, with Fortress mobile shears being designed by Ross Christenson, who is responsible for a number of innovations over the past 20 years while designing shears at Labounty & Genesis. The manufacturing is led by Jim Campbell, who headed the manufacturing division at Genesis for 12 years. Before that, he had run the reconditioning department at Labounty. 

ShearCore now manufactures robust and powerful shears designed with ease of maintenance in mind. The mobile shear series includes seven models ranging in weight from 2.5 to 9.6t. Here are a few testimonials attesting to the quality and performance of the Fortress shears. “With our old shear, we could only cut 50 to 70t a day. With the Fortress we’re doing 100t a day.” Daniel Robertson, Robertson Metal Recycling in North Dakota. “We replaced one of the competitor’s larger shears with a Fortress shear that was one size smaller than the competitor’s, and the Fortress outperformed it.” Shane Durand, CEI in Alaska. “I have been carrying out maintenance and repairs on various demolition attachments for 20 years, and since we’ve started purchasing our Fortress shears and processors, we believe Fortress to be the highest quality demolition attachments on the market by far. They are very easy to maintain and very reliable.” Bill Munday, Hughes Salvidge in the UK.



Hydraram turns 25 and launches new series of fixed pulverisers 

Hydraram, a Netherlands based supplier of demolition solutions, this year introduced the HFP-M series of fixed hydraulic pulverisers featuring an integrated magnet. Powered by a 24V battery, the magnet is activated by the excavator driver when needed, for instance, to collect rebar lying around the jobsite, or to load and move iron bars. The magnet is equipped with a quick release system that immediately drops the steel containing objects when the electrical function of the magnet is switched off. The new series includes three models: the smaller 2.4t HFP-20VM fitting 20 to 30t excavators, the mid-range 3.2t HFP-25VM designed for 28 to 40t carriers, and the 3.85t HFP-32VM suitable for 35 to 52t machines. On 15 September, Hydraram celebrated its 25th anniversary, and PDi sincerely congratulates the Dutch company on this milestone event.



Demarec unveils three new series 

Netherlands based manufacturer of premium quality demolition and recycling attachments, Demarec, introduced three new series in 2018. One is the DCC range of two cylinder concrete crushers designed for the demolition of the thickest reinforced concrete structures, fitting both standard and high reach demolition machines. The series ranges from the 1.9t DCC-25 model, providing the closing force of 100t on the tip up, to the DCC-75 weighing 6.5t boasting the force of 200t. The tools have two pivot points, ensuring that more torque is transferred to the jaws for maximum closing force. A combination of the newly developed DemaPower 2.0 cylinder (featuring four oil chambers) and optimised jaw geometry, results in 25% higher closing power on the tip. Next is the DMS multishear, fitting mid-size excavators (7 to 9t), and is an all-round specialist thanks to a mechanical changing system, and a wide array of jaws, including jaws for cutting reinforced concrete (DMS-05-C), scrap (DMS-05-S) and cables (DMS-05-V). All jaws are fitted with replaceable wear parts. Thirdly is the new DXS line of shears featuring what is said to be an industry leading power to weight ratio, jaw opening size, cycle times and hydraulic efficiency. The line’s debuting model is the DXS-50 shears designed for scrap processing, tyre recycling and demolition. This will soon be followed by the DXS-40 model. 

“We have designed the DXS series to enhance contractors’ productivity and ROI,” says Marcel Vening, Demarec’s managing director. “Traditionally, more power means a larger cylinder, which results in a bigger, heavier shear and often a larger machine. The DXS-50 has the same sized cylinder as shears, but with 25% more power, allowing our customers to achieve higher performance without investing in larger carriers. This saves them money, while improving their ROI with the attachment’s production boosting qualities.” Demarec’s new DemaPower 2.0 cylinder technology gives the DXS-50 the same power as shears two sizes larger, enabling the DXS Series to exert up to 25% more power from a smaller attachment. The 4,5t DXS-50 boasts a closing force of 1,203t; the upcoming DXS-40 will have a closing force of some 900t. The DXS-50 is suited for 25 to 35t carriers when boom mounted, and 32 to 50t carriers when stick mounted. 



Green Attachments enlarges product assortment   

Established in Lahti, Finland as a supplier of demolition tools for specialist contractors, Green Attachments Oy has enjoyed steady growth in the past couple of years, with a rapidly expanding product portfolio. The company’s ‘Yellow MC’ series of multiprocessors encompasses 11 models designed for 4 to 130t excavators.  The multiprocessors come complete with different sets of jaws for a wide range of demolition and recycling tasks. The range of rotating pulverisers is suitable for secondary demolition applications as well as primary demolition of reinforced concrete structures, with the entire line being constructed from Hardox 400. The pulverisers feature a speed valve for increased performance, and reversed cylinder for protection of the cylinder rod. A pressure relief valve is installed to protect the motor. The range includes 10 models for 7 to 120t carriers. 



Stanley LaBounty extends mobile pulveriser line 

US based Stanley LaBounty has expanded its mobile hydraulic pulveriser line with the introduction of the MHP 350 model. This is engineered for high efficiency secondary demolition and concrete recycling. The brand new design is configured for puck up, crushing and separation of rebar from concrete. The pulveriser boasts a large jaw opening to process the thickest concrete, with the lower jaw angle being optimised to pick up concrete slabs with ease. Four way indexable blades provide four usable cutting edges. Other highlights include a speed valve, and bolt on lower plates for quick maintenance which are field replaceable with swift lock teeth.  



Rammer enjoys a crushing success in the UK 

Bradley Demolition, a specialist contractor in the north west of England, recently took delivery of a Rammer rotating pulveriser for a project in York. The 2.9t, 2.4m RVP29R pulveriser was fitted on a Hitachi ZX300-6 excavator using a Lehnhoff hydraulic quick coupler. Built from wear resistant steel, the RVP29R features a reinforced jaw with an opening of 900mm for high productivity and durability. A single tooth top plate allows for better penetration when undertaking primary demolition, with a patented speed valve enabling faster cycle times, with the added benefit of protecting the hydraulic circuit from any pressure peaks. With oil consumption of 200 to 220l per/m, oil temperature is kept to a minimum. The 550mm wide, 850mm deep jaws ensure that large chunks of masonry are processed with ease. Bradley Demolition is reported to be extremely pleased with this new acquisition made through Rammer’s UK dealer Murray Plant.  



Daemo adds three new ranges  

In 2018, Korean attachment manufacturer Daemo, added three new ranges to its product portfolio. The DRP series of pulverisers, suitable for 13 to 32t excavators, now offers 130% greater crushing power when compared to its predecessors. With easy to replace bolt on teeth effectively protecting the body, the new DMP multiprocessors boast an effective quick change function (DMP-Q). Built from Hardox 400, the attachments feature Daemo’s patented pin guide system, which enables four types of jaws to be mounted and replaced within five minutes. Also new from Daemo is the DMQ series of hydraulic quick couplers that lock the attachment tightly in place using a triple safety system, enabling the changing tools from the cab.  



Cat Work Tools expands multiprocessor line  

Caterpillar has expanded its multiprocessor range with the addition of three new models: the MP332, MP345 and MP365.  The attachments’ construction allows pairing a basic housing with up to six jaw sets for maximum versatility onsite, while a new jaw locking system and speed booster valve contribute to high productivity. The housings incorporate a heavy duty 360° rotator for positioning the multiprocessor at an optimum angle at any given moment. When the jaws meet resistance, the integral hydraulic booster valve automatically kicks in. Depending on the jaw set being used, closing force is up to 19% higher compared to the previous series. 



Indeco tools receive major makeover  

Based in Bari, Italy, Indeco has overhauled its IMP series of multiprocessors, upgrading them with a more rugged body, and increased jaw opening. The jaw configuration has been improved to simplify the assemble/disassemble procedure, and provide a better grip on material. The IFP and IRP ranges of fixed and rotating pulverisers now feature interchangeable teeth on the movable jaw (welded on a bolt-on plate and secured with latches) for optimal penetration of the material being demolished.  Additionally, the IMG line of demolition and sorting grabs is now available in five different versions: the IMG S sorting jaws, the IMG D demolition and sorting jaws, the IMG 3 + 2 material handling jaws, the IMG L loading jaws and the IMG T timber jaws.



Arden drops a bomb of a sorting grab on US military base 

French company Arden Equipment, delivered recently a S6002B sorting grab – the biggest in its range - to the US military base in Cádiz, Spain. The operation was coordinated by Newimar S.A., a construction company servicing the naval facility, and Caterpillar distributor in Spain, Finanzauto, that supplied a Cat 374F L excavator as a base machine. The S6002B boasts an opening of 3m, two rotational motors and three hydraulic cylinders, and has a capacity of 2,200l, making it ideal for its tasks at the base, including transporting large rocks when making new dykes in the harbour and beach cleaning. Arden Equipment grabs are made of abrasion resistant steel, with enough resilience to absorb shocks resulting from the impact of materials. A wave shaped design further contributes to shock dampening, and enables easy maintenance of the attachment. 



Crushing and screening buckets

Crushing and screening buckets are becoming increasingly popular with specialist contractors all over the world. Until a few years ago, this industry was dominated by Italian manufacturers, with MB Crusher and Simex setting the pace. Today, however, they find their leadership increasingly challenged by players from different countries, most notably Finland.


MultaVEX expands screening bucket range

Based in western Finland near Seinäjoki, MultaVEX Oy specialises in the manufacture and supply of screening buckets. The company, established in 1986, shifted its focus in 2005 to mobile recycling. Manufacturing jointly with another Finnish company, Vemitek Oy, MultaVEX buckets are marketed under the brand name Vibra. This year the range was expanded with the addition of the 40-50 and 50-70 models. As may be inferred from the names, the new buckets are intended for excavators weighing 40 to 50t and 50 to 70t respectively. Compared to the previous Vibra models, the new buckets are made entirely from Hardox and boast an increased screening area. 



New Cobra bucket from Cernos  

Cernos Oy is another Finnish manufacturer, recently extending its Cobra range of screening buckets with the brand new XS900 model. Designed specifically for mini and compact machines the new addition to the Cobra range weights only 330kg, with its light construction enabling work with tiltrotators and easy transportation. The XS900 is engineered for screening, selecting, mixing and light crushing tasks. A high pressure dust binding system for construction, mining and material handling applications is also available for this model. This year, the Finnish company will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the launch of a first Cobra screening bucket in 1993. 



Ajutech extends Vipermetal range 

Family owned Finnish company Ajutech Oy, manufactures and markets the ‘Vipermetal’ range of crusher and screening attachments, recently adding a new screening bucket designed for high speed crushing, mixing and stabilising of soft materials. This model features a ‘big block’ type of rotor, which soon will be available on most Vipermetal screening buckets. Another significant development is a new gearbox, which synchronises rotation of the drums, allowing a smaller grain size at the output, as well as making the crushing effect more stable.  




Award winning crusher buckets from Xcentric 

Spanish company, Grado Ceras Sistemas, manufactures the ‘Xcentric’ range of excavator attachments, has added crusher and screening buckets to its product offering. Xcentric’s crusher buckets are engineered for high performance operations with long maintenance intervals (lubrication every 200h etc). This is made possible thanks to patent pending technology comprising of a high inertia powertrain, circular jaw movement and an anti-congestion plate. The latter development prevents large pieces from getting stuck in the bucket’s jaws, with particle size adjustment being both easy and intuitive. The crushing jaws are placed in crossed position, which gives the bucket the capability to process wet material. The Xcentric crusher buckets were recognised with the Accésit Prize at the SMOPYC exhibition in 2017.



Simex launches smallest screening bucket 

The smallest member of Simex’s range of screening buckets, the VSE 10 model, is renowned for its versatility and productivity. Designed for 8 to13t excavators, the VSE 10 boasts an option of changing output size without any downtime. Additionally, the shape of its rhomboid shaped elements with different sized disks, enables it to achieve high productivity levels. To increase the bucket’s versatility even further, the Italian manufacturer offers tools specially designed for different screening applications, making the attachment suitable for non-demolition jobs including landscaping and materials recycling. 



Drum cutters/Rockwheels

Drum cutters are another example of an excavator attachment that has come to the forefront of the demolition industry in the recent years. The feature setting drum cutters, or rockwheels, apart from other demolition tools is their versatility. Demolition, grinding, trench cutting, profiling, descaling are just a few of tasks that a drum cutter is capable of dealing with.


Rokla’s flagship G series  

German based Rokla GmbH ‘Rockwheel’ drum cutters have already become synonymous with this type of excavator attachments. Rokla’s highly successful G-series (‘G’ standing for gearbox drive) includes the G40, G50, G60, and G125 models being suitable for excavators in the 35 to 125t category. The drum cutters boast a rugged design, and a twin motor solution for optimum weight distribution. The range’s bestselling model, G60, has been developed for 50 to 65t carriers, with its in house developed double motor technology and gearbox making it one of the most powerful cutting drums available on the market. An efficient water spray system, together with a special safety valve, also effectively protects both the attachment and the carrier. The smaller G5 and G5twin drums are designed to work with compact 3 to 12t excavators, featuring twin motor technology and a 2:1 gearbox transmission, generating very high torque. When specified for demolition applications, they come equipped with a heavy duty Hardox plate for cutting through steel rebar. 




The master of all trades from MB 

Italian based MB, used Intermat to unveil its brand new MB-R500 drum cutter designed to turn mini excavators and mini loaders into milling factories, being engineered to grind particularly resistant and tough materials, such as fragmented rock, although capable of working on soft materials such as asphalt. The MB-R500, the smallest model in MB’s drum cutter range, weighs 300kg, has a replaceable cutting head of 500mm, and is compatible with 3 to 12t excavators and 3 to 8t skid steers and backhoe loaders. Like other MB-R models, it comes with a full or low set drumhead kit, which allows users to change the number of peaks depending on the material being grinded. The cutter body rotation kit allows operation rotation directly from the cab without stopping trenching work, whilst the cutting depth adjustment kit makes grinding edges and levelling possible. A nebuliser kit and drum cover kit reduce dust emissions, enabling operations in confined and enclosed areas such as tunnels. Furthermore, the temperature reduction kit lowers the oil temperature during operation without affecting the drum’s performance. 



Simex strengthens its compact range  

Simex, has added two compact variants to it drum cutter range. The TF 100 fits 2.5 to 4t and the TF 50 1.2 to 4t mini excavators respectively, making up the compact end of Simex’s range of ten models. Featuring an innovative milling system incorporating a central chain, the new drums leave no areas untouched, effectively cutting trunks and roots, making them suitable for forestry applications. The drums are handy for the excavation of small trenches, creating manholes or water conduits, laying down telephone and electrical lines. Thanks to low noise levels, the TF 50 and TF 100 can also be used indoors for milling of concrete walls, profiling of horizontal and vertical surfaces and removing plaster. 



Ripper teeth   

A ‘ripper tooth’ is a relatively new type of excavator attachment, which has proved ideal in such diverse applications as quarry excavation, tunnel cutting, underwater demolition and slag recycling.


Xcentric launches ‘Mining Series’ at SMOPYC

Xcentric used the SMOPYC exhibition to showcase the ‘Mining Series’ of ripper teeth designed for tough mining applications. The new series is based on the company’s proven technology, with all crucial elements being strengthened to provide a greater impact at a lower frequency, thus increasing tool performances in hard rock environments. The models unveiled at SMOPYC were the XR42, XR52 and XR82, which were followed by the XR32 and XR122 that were developed and launched shortly after the show.



Orange peel grabs   

Orange peel grabs, aka cactus grabs, remain an indispensible tool for material handling and recycling applications.


Bulkload of news from Cat  

The new GSV520 and GSV520 GC orange peel grapples from Cat feature redesigned loading tines and vertical cylinders that facilitate material swing, ensuring more efficient bulk material handling. The new grapples, purpose built for Cat MH3022, MH3024, and MH3026 wheeled material handlers, are available in a five tine shell configuration, both closed and semi closed. The models are suited to handling a wide range of materials, including shredded scrap, being ideal for solid waste recycling and material transfer stations. Compared with their predecessors, the GSV520 and GSV520 GC have lower operating weights, optimising performance and fuel savings. The grapples are made from high grade, impact resistant steel in order to protect such vulnerable areas as hydraulic cylinders, and for greater durability, hardened pins and lubricated bushings are used on all pivot points. Also new are the GSH420 and GSH520 orange peel grapples, which have been specifically designed for handling long structural beams and car bodies, rocks at construction sites, and waste at recycling plants. The grapples feature horizontal placement of the cylinders for effective material penetration and bulk material handling. Available in four tine and five tine shell configurations, the GSH420 and GSH520 boast a redesigned rotation system, with the new grapples being designed to work with the Cat MH3022, MH3024, and MH3026 material handlers.



Quick couplers

Today quick couplers, or quick hitches, are an integral part of any excavator set up. Enabling quick changeover of attachments on a job site, they significantly speed up the working process, reducing machinery operation and ownership costs. The quick coupler segment is one of the most competitive in the attachment business, with new products reaching the market every year.    


Hydraulic breakers

The most basic and widespread of excavator attachments, hydraulic breakers (or hammers) are still the bestselling item in manufacturers’ catalogues.


New hand held breaker from Maruzen 

Maruzen Kogyo, the Japanese manufacturer of hand held and rig mounted hydraulic tools, has extended its range by adding the new BH23K32EV model. In terms of power, the new breaker is a step up from the proven BH23K model. The BH23K32EV comes equipped with an anti-vibration handle, and in house developed anti-bouncing system. This effectively dampens the chisel’s bouncing, reducing the stress on the user, resulting in a safer and more comfortable operation. The breaker can be plugged into any power take off port available, for example, on a mini excavator, otherwise, the machine can be powered by the 45kg UH070 compact hydraulic power pack. 


BPH adds Proquick couplers to its range  

BPH Attachments is an established supplier of work tools throughout the UK and Ireland, being the sole importer of Prodem demolition attachments. One of the latest additions to the Prodem range is the innovative Proquick hydraulic quick coupler, which allows operators to change attachments within just 15s from the safety of the cab, and is able to pick up any standard bucket or attachment without any adaptations. The oil flow in the connecting elements of the system is optimised in the flow channel, achieving 830l, which means the device is suitable for excavators up to 240t in size. Designed with safety in mind, the quick hitch features a double locking system, which mechanically locks both the front and rear pins, preventing the accidental release of the attachment. A fully automatic protective cover on the carrier and on the attachment ensure better protection against dirt, with the covers only being open when the attachment and quick coupler combine. Other products in the Prodem range include hydraulic hammers, static and rotating pulverisers, selector grabs, shears, multiprocessors and clamshell grabs.



‘Auto skeleton coupler’ from UEDA Industries 

Japanese  manufacturing company, UEDA Industries, core expertise is crusher and screening buckets. One of its latest products is the so called ‘auto skeleton coupler’. Featuring an eccentric shaft and motor, this coupler generates vibration when attached to a standard skeleton bucket. Currently the range includes three models: the KS-70, KS-120 and KS-200, fitting 5 to 26t excavators.


Idromeccanica strengthens breaker range and launches webshop  

Idromeccanica Italiana has added to its breaker range with the addition of three new models. The IMI 28HP and IMI 38HP, fitting 4 to 10t carriers, are available in closed, silenced and underwater versions. The IMI 120M model is suitable for 14 to 22t machines, and features an automatic greasing device making it capable of adjusting the working pressure and number of blows to optimise its performance. This breaker also comes in silenced and underwater configurations. Another model from Idromeccanica is the IMI 140 R that fits 19 to 25t excavators, and is designed for heavy duty demolition work. 



Plate compactors   

An increasing number of attachment suppliers have added plate compactors to their ranges. Designed to reduce the size of various materials through compaction, plate compactors find use in the construction, recycling and agricultural industries.

Netherlands based Pladdet, renowned as an excavator modifier and attachment specialist, but best known for its high quality demolition and sorting grabs, has added plate compactors to its extensive array. The range’s flagship PCP-3 model fits 9 to 18t machines, weighs 450kg, and has an operating pressure of 150bar. The compactor has two operating modes: pile driving and soil compaction. It features a valve system regulating both oil flow and pressure so the excavator cannot overload the compactor, which also helps prevent damage by pressure peaks in the hydraulic system, and incorrectly configured excavator hydraulics. The PCP-3 has a round hole pattern, making it possible to rotate the top plate when needed. 


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