Pentruder family gather for distributor council

Published 18/12, 2017 at 15:16

Representatives from most of Pentruder's worldwide dealers gathered at the annual Pentruder distributor council in Borlänge, Sweden in November, for news on product development and exchange experiences.

For Pentruder, both dealers and their customers are members of a large family and therefore it is important to gather regularly.

"Pentruder is now represented in over 40 countries worldwide and we see strong growth in several markets. Our distributors have their territories where they have exclusive rights to sell Pentruder products,” said Pentruder marketing director Marie Peil.  “Some Pentruder distributors are competitors in other product areas, but we are also all partners and are working towards one common goal of providing our customers with the best possible products and service.”  

During the meeting, there was focus on Pentruder’s new HFi system, its features and development. The decision to move away from the concept of a fully integrated system that would be more sensitive and have more weight on the machine itself is seen as a wise choice.

"Several of our distributors who have close contact with our end customers have been met with positive reactions. It is mainly the advantage of low weight and the Pentruder modular system where a Pentpak can run many machines, that customers appreciate," said Peil.

Some distributors have been with Pentruder from the beginning, like Hydro-Tec in Germany, and some new friends were welcomed into the Pentruder family. Since this summer Ricky Driver is the new general manager for Cutting Edge Diamond Tools, Pentruder’s distributor in Australia and New Zealand. Maciek Maslowski is a new salesman for Melbourne.


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