Perkins introduces 14 new Stage V engines

Published 10/10, 2018 at 16:41

The new 14 different Perkins engines marks the biggest new emissions introduction program by any engine manufacturer.

The company now has a full offering of Stage V engines ranging from 0.5l to 18l, covering all power nodes from 5kW to over 450kW.  Perkins now offers a choice of 18.5kW engines. This will mean that small equipment, such as mini excavators, can continue to be offered with no EGR, no common rail and no aftertreatment. New 1.7l engines will be offered in both naturally aspirated and turbo versions to give maximum torque whilst respecting power limits. The 1.7l  common rail platforms will benefit from 34% upgrade in torque, and a 24% increase in power, making it ideal for OEMs looking to downsize to a smaller engine. The 2.2l version also has increases in both torque and power.

The new Perkins Syncro 2.8l and 3.6l platforms are scheduled to go into production in 2019. OEMs have already commented favourably on their quality and performance, being viewed as significantly quieter and reducing operator fatigue. Likewise the 4.4l and 7.1l platforms are used in some of the highest productivity machines in the construction industry, being popular in excavators. This new generation to meet EU stage V has made further improvements to fuel consumption (7% ), power (15%) and torque. 

 The 9.3l 1706J-E93TA platform has been the first of the Perkins Stage V range to enter production. A successful engineering and field validation test has successfully accumulated more than 100,000 running hour.

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