Real time productivity data and on demand support

Published 7/3 at 16:50

Stanley Infrastructure has launched what is said to be the industry’s first digital platform designed to increase operational efficiency and uptime of attachments with advanced telematics data.

The new InSite utilisation tracker will help LaBounty mobile shear customers better understand how their equipment is being used by tracking idling, cutting, sorting and moving times.  In addition to utilisation tracking, InSite delivers real time shear data to mobile devices to help customers monitor attachment hours, cycles, location and health, with service intervals now being based on actual shear usage, not carrier hours.  

Beginning in January 2019, all LaBounty mobile shears equipped with InSite has received a three year warranty and protection plan. InSite has being available through LaBounty dealers in North America, with the platform being designed to be retrofitted into most LaBounty mobile shears, and has become standard equipment on most new shears beginning in January 2019.

InSite is also bundled with ProCall, Stanley's virtual service calling platform.  ProCall is an interactive virtual environment for service professionals to diagnose issues and provide expert support from anywhere in real time.  Technicians can now see exactly what’s happening with a shear by taking control of the mobile device in the field, and superimposing drawing tools on top of the live video, helping to fix issues hours, or even days, faster than before. The end product of extensive global market research the new products are targeted to leverage technology to help increase uptime and drive higher productivity.  “Equipment downtime can be extremely costly for our customers,” says Ian Harney, director of marketing at Stanley Infrastructure.  “These new technologies are so exciting because both InSite and ProCall have already demonstrated a tremendous ability to reduce downtime and increase productivity, which will be invaluable for our users.”

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