Refurbishment of Lighthouse Tower

Published 15/11, 2017 at 17:35

The UK diamond drilling and sawing contractor D-Drill has played a successful part in the refurbishment of the NAB Tower lighthouse 11km offshore in the Solent for main contractor BAM Nuttall.

Two D-Drill operatives Dean Gough and Liam Berry used two drill rigs and two petrol powered generators, shipped across from Gosport, to drill 46 holes in a single day’s operation.

The holes included four 200mm diameter, 400mm deep and six 107mm diameter holes to form an opening 250mm x 210mm. A further 36 fixing holes of 14mm diameter were rotary percussive drilled. 

“The complication here was not the holes we had to drill but the access to the location and the fact that we had to get everything over there and off again in one day,” said D-Drill branch manager John Barber. “We had to follow very strict health and safety procedures from wearing life jackets on the journey across to twice postponing the job because of the conditions.”

“It’s a historic tower that began life just after World War I and was then also used in World War II, providing defence for the Solent. Our team always looks forward to a challenge and this job very much provided that and was yet another example of how we work on a whole range of conditions and environments and ensure we get the job done.”

“The NAB Tower was a very challenging project taking two-and-a-half years to complete due to the weather dictating our daily commute,” said BAM Nuttall spokesman Jonathon Pitt. “The last job was to fit ventilation ducts through the concrete wall and upper deck.”


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