Reliability and innovations

Published 19/4, 2016 at 15:28

For Diamantwerk the focus is full steam ahead on innovative developments. The main priorities in are simplicity and fast cutting diamond tools.


An all-inclusive technology

Technology is applicable to changeable modules for core drill bits.  The idea is that changeable modules already have everything necessary for retipping in the construction site conditions.  There tipping does not require any special equipment or additional materials.  Retipping process takes only a few minutes.  This is achieved due to the fact that the joint surface of the changeable module already has the required amount of brazing alloy and flux material. The task of the operator is only to heat up the seam to the brazing temperature.

Many of our customers already appreciated the advantages of All inclusive technology, which allows to save time significantly, especially during large volumes of drilling on remote sites. 

Besides changeable modules, the Company is developing All inclusive diamond segments for drilling.  The segment already has all the necessary materials for servicing the core body: flux, brazing alloy, special strengthening additive.  This solution greatly simplifies the brazing process.  The procedure can be properly done even by a novice.  The service agents do not need to separately purchase flux and brazing alloy.

The reliability of the tool is of outmost importance during construction work.  Technology All inclusive provides strong and reliable attachment of diamond segment to the core body, and has stable and strong indicators of the gripping force in comparison to the traditional method. 

Having All inclusive tools in stock, opens the possibility of the retipping of core drill bits with portable retipping device TriboTronic.  System is intended for fast mobile retipping of diamond core bits with change able modules.  Retipping can be performed on construction site, as the main source of heat is the energy of the drive of the drilling machine.  There is no need to use dangerous flammable gas.  Changeable module can be attached to any core body, not only to adaptable to module retipping, because the system performs lathe preparation of the mounting place for the module.  Today we are in the process of concept development tests. 

Many manufacturers continue to maintain interest in the arranged diamond technology and develop new products.  Diamantwerk is in the trend and expands the line of products and uses of arranged diamonds technology.  Developing the products with arranged diamonds, the Company is striving to transcend the characteristics of standard diamond tools in versatility and productivity.  The already proven products are segments for wall saws, segments for wet and dry cutting.

All of the innovative solutions can be seen and evaluated on the Diamantwerk stand on BAUMA trade show.

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