Reluctance despite boom

Published 16/5, 2017 at 11:57

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I mentioned in my last editorial the list of international exhibitions at the start of this year. We had the World of Concrete in Las Vegas in January, Conexpo in March, also in Las Vegas, and the Italian show Samoter in Verona about a week before Conexpo. These are the largest international shows scheduled for construction machinery and equipment this year, but that is not to say there is not very much happening on the show front for the rest of the year.

A show does not need to be big to be good and worth visiting. For example there was the German Demolition Conference and show in Berlin and the German concrete cutting show Bebosa, also held in March. And in June the European Demolition Association will stage their own first demolition and recycling show called DDR Expo in Brussels. All these targeted exhibitions are featured in this issue, including the annual convention of the International Association of Concrete Drillers and Sawers in Vienna, Austria.

But not everything in the industries we cover is about going to conventions and shows. Business is picking up in several parts of the world and contractors are quite busy in several markets in Europe, the United States and China to mention a few. Some markets are actually booming, but it is not yet reflected that strongly in increased sales of machinery, equipment and tools. Some suppliers are even complaining of the reluctance to invest in new equipment despite strong economies. 

Contractors tend to stay with their old equipment despite more modern equipment being more efficient, safer and a better payoff. However, the US market has showed strong increase in sales of dust extraction and air cleaning equipment. New strong regulations from OSHA are forcing US contractors to invest in new equipment to cope with the new regulations concerning the handling of silica dust particles. The old fleets of dust extractors and air cleaners do not provide efficient protection against silica dust, unless they are brands from Sweden and Germany. 

Similar regulations to OSHA’s have been in use and applied by Swedish and German manufacturers for many years. This means no delay for those manufacturers selling their products in the US. The new US regulations for handling silica dust were featured in PDi 3-2016. The main features in this issue cover new demolition excavators and hydraulic breakers. 

Jan Hermansson


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