Repair of quay with Conjet robots

Published 28/12, 2016 at 16:17

Gävle Stad is the owner of the quay running inside the harbour in Gävle, a Swedish city on the coast of the Baltic Sea, some 170km north of the capital, Stockholm. The 300m long quay wall needed to be repaired and strengthened for a new marina for leisure boats to dock. The work was completed in two phases and involved removing 100 mm of concrete from the top of the 700mm wide beam and replaced with fresh concrete for added strength.

The project was awarded to the contractor, Svensk Sjöentreprenad, who subcontracted the hydrodemolition to Waterjet Entreprenad using a Conjet Robot 557 together with a Conjet super silenced pump. The Robot 557 was chosen because it could easily follow the uneven area next to the quay. This was important, as the top of the quay was too narrow for the robot.

The concrete strength varied from an estimated 25MPa to 30MPa and the hydrodemolition process revealed some deep weaker pockets of concrete. The operator controlled all functions of the Robot 557 and pump using Conjet’s wireless communication system and set the program to direct the concrete debris towards the landside.

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