Rietlanden Terminals and Enerco join forces

Published 3/3, 2017 at 14:34

In The Netherlands Enerco and Rietlanden Terminals have joined forces to secure a dust free future at their scrap and coal handling terminals.

After an excessive testing period with the SprayCannons at sea and on land, MB Dustcontrol, based in Voorschoten, The Netherlands, was granted the order for three SprayCannon 90 Self Supporting Units. These SprayCannon installations are believed to be the first, which are suitable for spraying sea water and normal clean water. The units are fully equipped with a 16,000litre water tank, 40kVA Generator, Vacuumpump, SprayCannon 90 with remote control, electrical oscillation, elevation and frequency steering fan/pump. The SprayCannons will spray up to a distance of 90m and height of 40m.



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