RM 90GO! comes with the latest technology

Published 10/10, 2018 at 13:43

Austrian company Halbeisen & Prast KG feels it has the right equipment for every job, with the innovative features of its RM 90go! crusher making its work easier, and saving money.

Günter Prast, managing director of the earthworks team at the company, explains some of the latest features on its new crusher, "Using the new pivoting refeeding belt, we can produce two different fractions simultaneously. But there are loads of other details that have been optimised and save a lot of time during a working day. For example, the crusher housing now has just two bolts instead of ten. These innovative features make the RM crushers intuitive and easy to use. Downtime is  reduced to an absolute minimum .The high quality standard during manufacturing also pays off when you want to exchange your RM crusher for the next generation: A Rubble Master retains its value and is easy to resell.”

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