Rockster Impactor R900 - customized for coal crushing

Published 24/6, 2016 at 11:50

Rockster’s new dealer for Latvia AVV Baltic Service has supplied a customer in Ventspils with an impact crusher for coal crushing at a harbour coal handling terminal.

“Our client has to handle an increasing amount of coal transit and needed additional crushing equipment. The coal comes from Russia in bigger fractions containing metallic parts. It is crushed to fine grain, according to the different needs of the clients and separated from metal what’s essential for high quality coal, before it’s transported to Western Europe by vessel,” said Baltic Service sales manager Karlis Vecbastiks. “We chose Rockster because it’s an Austrian high quality manufacturer with a lot of experience in developing crushing solutions. We really like the hydraulic concept and the Duplex system,” says Vecbastiks.

Due to Rockster machines’ hydraulic concept, the speed of the crusher, conveyors and screen can be continuously adjusted to different material and grading. With the Duplex option, Baltic Service is able to change the R900 impact crusher to an R800 jaw crusher within a few hours.

Rockster modified the R900 crusher’s hopper walls and designed a new system for using the return belt as a stockpile belt. These modifications were important as the crusher is fed using portal cranes, with an approximate 9m3 clamshell grab. In open position the grabs are much wider than the standard width of the hopper, so the extension of the hopper walls solves the problem of material overflow. A stronger magnet was also required.

 Coal production depends on different requirements specified by the coal owners and the end users. “The finest required fraction at the terminal is 0-10mm, this is what we receive through the screenbox from the main belt, grain with a diameter of about 10-32mm is led via the oversize belt to the stockpile belt. The optional screenbox is crucial for us to get exactly defined final grain,” said Vecbastiks.  With the modified solution of the return belt, it is simple to use it as return as well as a stockpile belt.

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