Rokla rockwheel makes trenching a breeze

Published 15/11, 2017 at 17:41

A G5 rockwheel from German manufacturer Rokla GmbH was employed on a trenching project in South Australia by Grant Nykiel who operates an earth-moving and excavation business in Eyre Peninsula. The company provides services for septic, electricity and water on rural properties, as well as preparation for house foundations and general excavation.

“The terrain in which we operate consists of limestone rock, which presents challenges when digging 400mm trenches. We had been using a rock hammer attached to our 5t excavator, however the time needed to remove broken rock from the trenches and relocate off-site was costing us valuable time and resources,“ said Nykiel. 

The solution was found in the form of a G5 rockwheel supplied by Rokla’s Australian distributor Semco. The contractor was able to quickly cut through the limestone and, in the process, create the correct grade of aggregate needed for backfill. The limestone spoil can be compacted easily and safely for the installation of plastic pipes. 

Previously, to protect plastic pipes, the contractor had to remove and relocate rock fragments, which was a very time-consuming and costly exercise. Using the G5 rockwheel saved the company a great deal of time and money. 

“The Rokla twin header range provides efficient rock removal and profiling solutions including the smallest twin header rock grinder that can run on an 1.5t hydraulic excavator through to the powerful G125 model with a maximum output of 440 kW,” said Semco representative Graham Murphy.

“The design and power components of the low-vibration rockwheel cutting units are positioned in a way to ensure that the tungsten carbide-tipped picks create rock chips rapidly and with reduced bounce. And the cutting heads rotate at a low speed yet with massive torque that can handle up to 110Mpa compressive strength materials and ensures a clean profile.“


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