Rubble Master achieves 90% onsite recycling rate

Published 22/2, 2018 at 14:02

Recycling demolition waste within a small contained inner city environment can be a tricky business especially if the demolition material has to be removed from the site.

One recent demolition project taken on by PE Global Consulting in the city centre of Manchester demonstrated perfectly that not all waste requires removal from site. Directors reported the project had achieved an overall recycling rate of 95% with 90% recycled and reused material remaining on site for future construction purposes. These targets were achieved in large with the use of an RM 70GO! tracked mobile crusher, supplied on rental by Warrington based attachment and crusher specialists ECY Haulmark.

The overall cost savings of using the RM 70GO! onsite over two days had been calculated by the contractor at €15’761.04 once the number of waste collection vehicles and fresh material delivery vehicles had been taken into consideration and the cost of the crusher rental taken off.

The site, situated along the busy A665 Great Ancoates street in central Manchester occupies approximately 1600 square metres, half of which being used as a pay and display car parking area with the other half occupied by a disused two storey Victorian brick building, facing demolition ahead of a new development of modern residential and commercial buildings on the site.

PE Global Consulting faced the challenge of demolishing the existing two storey building, removing the waste material and preparing the ground for handover to the client. Due to the space constraints and busy main road position, they faced the challenge of minimising disruption from heavy goods vehicles continually entering and exiting the site.

With two excavators working simultaneously on site, the RM 70GO! was brought in once the building had been brought to ground level and the cellars fully excavated along with 20t of scrap metals and 12 loads of inert waste removed from site. The RM 70GO! crushed the remaining brick and concrete onsite, over a period of two days, producing approx. 600t of 50mm down crushed aggregate per day.

The demolition contractor stressed the product the RM 70GO! had produced had achieved a CBR pressure test for piling, once the crushed brick waste had been laid in 150mm sections with 3 to 4 passes on each roll of the material.


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