Rubblemaster crushers impress

Published 27/12, 2018 at 10:56

Since introducing its range of mobile crushers 27 years ago , RM has seen the growth of the recycling industry, and tightening of environmental regulations, lead to increased demand for its compact crushers, increasingly so in China.

Following the founding of local subsidiary Tianjin Rubblemaster Technology CO., Ltd. and with 10 existing dealerships, the company now has a reliable partner in China.

Austrian quality, combined with competent local support and 24/7 service, are the factors that Rubblemaster focusses on with the highest priority.  "Every crusher has to pass through production at RM Headquarters in Upper Austria so that we can ensure our high quality standards are met in full. Our local sales partners follow up with the same focus and fast regional service,” explains Gerald Hanisch, company chief executive. 

One of the satisfied customers in China is XY Wu in Bengbu. Mr. Wu has owned an RM 120GO! with a mesh screen since the beginning of September, using it on numerous projects in the province of Anhui, processing concrete to form high value final aggregate. One of the main criteria for purchasing the RM crusher was compliance with the strict environmental regulations in terms of emissions, dust suppression and noise. These are easily met by RM thanks to its drive technology and dust suppression system. In order to enhance the quality of the final aggregate even further, XY Wu added an RM wind sifter to the crusher.

The integrated wind sifter was developed especially to separate non mineral matter from the mineral feed material. This enables an even higher quality final aggregate to be produced, and opens up new applications in the recycling sector. As a specialist in materials processing, this solution offers the customer an even more environmentally friendly and efficient system. The fan on the wind sifter can be regulated to ensure that lightweight materials such as styro foam, textiles and wood, etc. are separated from the feed material. As a result, the final product is cleaner and of even better quality so that a higher market price can be obtained for the recycled material.

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