Sandvik Rammer

Published 18/12, 2017 at 14:03

At the German show Steinexpo Rammer demonstrated the latest version of its largest hydraulic hammer the Rammer 9033.

The new model replaces the Rammer 7013 and benefits from a number of key changes including a 20% wider carrier weight range and a 22% higher input power, compared to its predecessor.

Weighing 7t, the Rammer 9033 is suitable for carriers in the 60t to 120t operating weight range.   Impact rate on the long stroke setting rises from a maximum of 450blows/min to 520blows/min, while maximum oil flow increases to 460litres/min compared to 400litres/min on the Rammer 7013.  Input power is up 22% to 138kW.

Stroke length and Idle blow protection can be adjusted to allow the Rammer 9033 to be matched to individual applications. The long stroke setting uses a lower blow frequency for optimum breaking in hard materials, while the short stroke setting delivers higher blow frequency, which is ideal for softer materials. The Idle blow protector on/off selector allows operators to adjust the working mode to protect against idle strokes. The 9033 utilizes long-life, high-tension Vidat tie rods and simple rubber rings lock the tool-retaining pins.

The Rammer 9033 also becomes the final model in the Rammer Large Range to benefit from the addition of the Ramvalve overflow protection system.  The Ramvalve monitors the oil flow through the hammer. If the oil flow exceeds the pre-defined setting, the valve adjusts the flow to a very low level and drops the hammer’s impact rate. The Ramvalve resets after the hammer re-starts with a correct oil flow. This system provides protection against accidental overflowing and overpressure. It also comes with the Ramdata II service indicator that allows operators and service personnel to monitor and log service and maintenance information.

Rammer has introduced its Performance Line of hydraulic hammers. The range initially comprises four models, the R18P, R25P, R35P, and R45P. An additional medium-sized model will follow early in 2018 with a full range of small Performance Line models scheduled to follow shortly after.

The R18P is a 1.24t hammer suitable for carriers in the 15t to 23t operating weight range.   The larger R25P is suitable for carriers from 20t to 29t and weighs 1.65t. Designed for carriers in the 27t to 40t, the R35P is a 2.32t, while the 3t R45P is aimed at carriers from 36t to 53t.


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