Sandvik’s new superior tooth jaw plates add value

Published 2/3, 2017 at 14:31

Scottish Highlands based company G.F. Job is one of the first companies to trial Sandvik’s new superior tooth jaw plates. The initial test data from the G.F Job trial on its Sandvik QJ341 crusher has been extremely encouraging with average output increased from 200t/h to 250t/h and wear rates increased upwards of 30%.

“In this particular granite application previous jaw plates have been ranging between 20,000-30,000 tonnes of crushed material and that’s the life of the jaws,” said G.F. Job plant manager Graeme Watt. “Since we went onto this new jaw we’re up 50,000-55,000t for the life of the jaw. If you go into a limestone quarry, you’ll get double, but this is a hard abrasive material.”

In addition to the increased wear performance, G.F. Job has also seen benefits in fuel economy and an improved product shape, due to the new profile design of the superior tooth. “The new jaw plates create a better shape of product, but it’s also crushing far more economically for us as well. It’s reducing the load on the crusher, therefore we’re creating better fuel economy whilst also reducing the physical hardship on the machine” said Watt. The unique design also makes the plates easier to turn over or replace, saving you time and money.

G.F. Job has an excellent mutual working relationship with Sandvik. They know that they can rely on the support they receive to keep their machines running at all times. “The backup for us is fantastic,” adds Watt. “The machines are very reliable but the backup we receive from Sandvik is exceptional, it’s what sells their machines.”

Since the introduction of the superior jaw plates, G.F. Job has no hesitations in recommending them. “They benefit us all round,” said Watt. ”We are crushing far more, getting better fuel economy, producing a better product and they are lasting an awful lot longer. We will be looking to order additional sets for our other jaw crushers” concludes Graeme.

The Sandvik superior tooth jaw plates will be displayed at Conexpo.

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