Schwamborn’s adds remotely controlled grinder

Published 2/3, 2017 at 15:45

Removal of layers, subsurface preparation, grinding and polishing of floors have always been strenuous and fatiguing tasks. Machinery weighing up to 600kg needed to be moved by pure muscle power over floors. However, Schwamborn’s DSM 800RC ensures that the machine does the grinding and be accurately positioned by remote control.

“With our more than 80 years of experience, continuous communication with our customers and, no less important, the ingenuity and inventiveness of our employees, we don't simply embrace challenge. We regard ourselves as an innovation engine in this sector,” said Schwamborn managing director Eckart Schwamborn. “We aim to offer a perfect solution for practically every detailed task in floor treatment and care.”

The spectrum of solutions range from specific solutions, such as polishing of concrete surfaces and the removal of coatings with special tools, to solutions that make machines faster, longer lasting, more efficient or simply easier to use. A new milestone has been reached with the new remotely controlled DSM 800RC grinder for large surfaces that offers considerably enhanced operator comfort and a high level of productivity. The ETX Duo tool holder, a versatile selection of tools and clear display information, ensure that surface quality is uniformly high, tool changes are more rapid and machine performance is achieved. Its uses range from subsurface preparation and the grinding and polishing of industrial natural stone and terrazzo floors to the removal of coatings and fillers.

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