Screening buckets from MultaVEX

Published 16/4, 2018 at 16:48

MultaVEX was originally founded in 1986, when the business started with machine brokerage, then gradually shifted to machinery sales and imports.

In 1987 the company began reconditioning slewing rings and other large bearings. 1990 saw the company developing and manufacturing a round log-pole lathe, and when the first machine was completed, began on site production of round logs and poles for several companies.

In 2005 the Finnish company started the development of a completely new type of Multavex screening bucket alongside Vemitek Oy. In 2013, a new, more versatile screening bucket was launched called MultaVEX Vibra. Due to a significant increase in sales, a new limited liability company was established, MultaVEX Oy, to undertake the marketing of the MultaVEX screening buckets.

The screening buckets marketed by MultaVEX Oy are manufactured in cooperation with Vemitek Oy, and now employs 25 people, with production facilities of approximately 4,000 m².


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