Sennebogen 8100 EQ

Published 17/4, 2018 at 10:50

Zlompol Sp.J., has been handling scrap for 25 years. When operations began the Polish company used classic earthwork diggers, moved on to material handlers, and is now using a Sennebogen 8100 EQ balance material handler.

Robert Cimoszynski and Janusz Majewski, the two managing directors of Zlompol Sp.J., are seeing lots of visitors to their 5ha scrapyard to view their new Sennebogen 8100 EQ balance material handler. “Our new machine can be seen from quite some distance away. People keep coming to admire it. Many people are even making special trips to bring scrap so they can see the new material handler, and no wonder – it's extremely efficient and the first of its kind in Poland,” explains Robert Cimoszynski.


Savings of up to 75% 

Zlompol Sp.J.’s new Sennebogen 8100 EQ has a range of 27m covering an area of just under 2,500m2. Thanks to the constant balancing of its EQ principle, a relatively small 110kW electric motor is sufficient to power the machine. According to Sennebogen, a comparable machine would need at least a 200kW motor to provide comparable power levels and cover the operating area, thereby providing Zlompol with a reduction of 75% in its operating costs. “Further advantages include lower service and energy costs, increased service life of the components, no fuel stops, and quiet, emission free operation, which is particularly appreciated by our neighbours,” adds Janusz Majewski.

For the driver who feeds Zlompol’s 1250 PS Lindemann shredder with the 8100 EQ, one key thing has changed: the view. With an eye height of 10.5m, he has an unobstructed view of the shredder feed area, and can also keep an eye on the entire yard. 

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