SIMA remains manufacturing in Europe

Published 22/4, 2016 at 13:26

On the contrary to many European manufacturing companies that has moved part of their production to countries with lower labour costs, Spanish Sima has found new solutions to their product development and has stayed put in Spain.

Sima has focused on enhancing the manufacturing process to create flexible manufacturing with efficient cost control.  This, added to our orientation as an innovative, quality manufacturer, kept SIMA afloat and strong over the recessional years. SIMA managed to remain strong during the recessional years.  Spanish market was though very weak but the international sales helped the company to survive the crisis.  What more is that SIMA also managed to increase quality and the number of products.

SIMA offers among others a complete range for the concrete professional, covering the first steps of construction work:  rebar processing, pavement treatment, and masonry materials cutting (table saws and diamond blades).  All of them with the highest quality standards. 


Learning to be adaptable

A spokesman at SIMA says that if there is anything positive that the company have learnt from last recession, it is how to adapt to the new competitive environment.  Many clients are no longer willing to take large stocks of the same machine, and often find that some of their own customers have special requests for one or more machines. On the other hand, large shifts obviously improve productivity, hence the manufacturing cost.

Fast delivery and just what the customer needs is paramount.  But this has meant adapting their products to the required specifications. SIMA has innovated their range but are also offering their manufacturing services to other brands who want SIMA to manufacture their products under their own brand and specifications.

 SIMA will of course exhibit at Bauma and will among others show a new single phase table cutting saw for Ø700 mm blade called Bali 700. They will also show for the Perlanato table saws, especially designed for ceramic materials. Other news will be the new single phase combined shear and bender machine, Combi 25/32, that can also produce stirrups, spirals, rings and archers, with the appropriate optional accessories. Sima will also introduce a new double speed benders and combination machines as well, and to the renovated floor saw COBRA 45. You find Sima in hall A1, booth 125. 

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