Simex reinforces innovation at Intermat 2018

Published 16/4, 2018 at 15:51

At Intermat 2018 Simex will introduce new products, demonstrating once again the company’s ability to provide innovative solutions to meet the needs of users of its equipment around the world.

With a 17% increase in turnover compared to 2017, Simex is today a major producer of attachments for machines used in road maintenance, trenching for utilities installation, cabling and recycling. Simex provides a wide range of solutions covering a broad spectrum of applications thanks to 19 product lines comprising of a total of 74 models. 

With over 100 employees, Simex exports to over 80 countries, and is the holder of several patents. The latter being the result of constant efforts to innovate: a mark of the company since its founding. The ability to pinpoint solutions designed to solve the widest range of problems is a key strength of the company, which consistently produces attachments that deliver high levels of productivity and profitability.

The global success of Simex attachments is also attributable to an R&D department staffed with experienced professionals. Here, the rigorous process of testing and experimentation is combined so as to develop new products providing cutting edge solutions that effectively respond to the requirements of many different markets. In effect it translates Simex’s facility for listening to its customers to produce what they need. 


Innovative and efficient attachments  

Simex began by  producing road planers, designed to be coupled to compact machines and some types of machines fitted with booms (with a range of 12 models, Simex was the first producer in the world for this specific type of attachment). The company later developed wheel saws and chain excavators, and then proceeded to produce cutter heads (the first in the world to be fitted with a coaxial hydraulic motor). The range was then complemented by vibrating wheel compactors and pavers, which completed the line of attachments for road applications. Following these models came the crusher and screening buckets, both featuring a new concept that enabled higher productivity, often dealing with material defined as “difficult” by other manufacturers. 

Similarly, the launch of the line of Simex VSE screening buckets (presently comprising of four models) created a new standard for this type of equipment. Essentially, the VSE screens different types of materials and allows the output size to be varied, without performing complicated, or time consuming, mechanical procedures. Due to its patented mechanism, the Simex VSE screening buckets perform hydraulic adjustment of drum distance to allow a variation in output size of the material in seconds.   This patented system also enables easy replacement of screening elements, making the attachment adaptable to different types of applications. 


First for fibre optics 

Mini-trenching is seen as the best solution for installing fibre optic networks. This type of trenching results in reduced operating costs and times with respect to traditional trenching, and above all a lower environmental impact, especially in urban settings.  With its wheel saws from the RW line, Simex provides a highly efficient attachment for mini-trenching. The RW wheel saws ensure rapid job completion without producing large quantities of waste material. At the same, the attachment delivers clean and precise trenches that require minimum maintenance. 

The Simex range now includes wheel saws from both the RW and T lines that excavate mini-trenches which possess a width of 25-250mm, and depth of 200-800mm. The company also produces wheel saws designed to respond to the specific requirements of different countries tasked with expanding their fibre optic networks.   This approached was reinforced in October 2017 during a workshop, which included field demonstrations, for a group of German companies currently operating in the fibre optics sector, who gladly shared their experiences with Simex management and staff.


Intermat 2018: the innovation continues  

Given all that has already been developed, Intermat serves as an opportunity for Simex to introduce new models of wheel saws and other attachments that can be used in the excavation of mini-trenches.  Simex is continuing to innovate and expand its range of products, with new products being presented at the trade fair in Paris showing once again how Simex is quick to respond to the diverse requirements of the market. 

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