Solar powered facility for Husqvarna Group

Published 15/9, 2017 at 10:54

Husqvarna Group is building its first solar power generating facility at its current site in Nashville, Arkansas, US.

The new plant is expected to reduce the carbon dioxide footprint by approximately 1,000t in the first year of operation and approximately 25,000t over the expected 25 year life of the factory.

The solar power generation plant has capacity of 1.3MW, allowing Husqvarna Group to increase its share of electricity from renewable sources of energy. “At Husqvarna Group we are serious about contributing to a low-carbon future and a more sustainable society,” said Husqvarna Group operations senior vice president Valentin Dahlhaus. “Sustainovate is our approach to integrating sustainability into our business. Earlier this year we committed to reduce our CO2 emissions by a third by 2035 compared to 2015. This onsite solar power installation will generate about 25% of the annual power required by the Nashville facility. The Nashville initiative is an important example of how we are putting Sustainovate into action.”

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