SRX-150 Green Cut Early Entry Saw

Published 16/5, 2017 at 12:06

MK Diamond Products introduces the new SRX-150 Green Cut Early Entry Saw. Compact and lightweight, the SRX-150 dry cutting saw is engineered for early entry sawing of crack control joints within one to two hours of concrete finishing. It is perfect for use on driveways, parking lots and residential projects.

“The importance of cutting control joints is you prevent random cracking caused by internal stresses that develop during the curing process,” states Brian Delahaut, Vice President MK Diamond Products, Inc. “These contraction joints, at predetermined locations, create weakened planes where the concrete can crack underneath the cut but appear as a straight line on the top of the slab.” 

The SRX-150 saw comes with a Honda GX 160 Cyclone Air Filtration engine or a Kohler CH255 engine. The saw’s blade capacity is 6-3/8” and provides a depth of cut of 1-1/8”. The SRX-150 has an upcut blade rotation, which facilitates in keeping debris out of the joint. The anti-spall, skid plate aids in keeping the edge of the joint smooth. The blade shaft has self-aligning bearings for low maintenance. 

The blade guard features a 2-inch vacuum port for easy connection to dust control systems. The SRX-150 has an easily removed blade guard cover providing quick access for blade changes and inspection.

There is a mounted throttle, raise lock release lever and engine stop switch on the handlebar for quick operator access. The folding handle bar and retractable pointer arm make the saw compact for storage and the lifting point provides easy transport. The 3-inch wide, polyurethane wheels are non-marking.

MK Diamond offers a full line of Early Entry Green Concrete diamond blades. The GC line of blades includes five blades that are engineered for the type of aggregate used in the concrete. They range from ultra hard aggregate to medium/soft aggregate and have a triangular shaped arbor.

MK Diamond manufactures a wide variety of concrete saws engineered for high-performance and reliability. From lightweight portable saws for the general contractor, to high horsepower self-propelled saws for the concrete professional, MK Diamond has the tools to complete any concrete project. A wide range of concrete and asphalt diamond blades, ranging from general purpose diamond blades to application-specific professional diamond blades are offered.

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