SSAB successfully delivering steel plates to Kocurek Excavators for 35 years

Published 27/12, 2018 at 10:52

For over three decades steel company SSAB has delivered steel plates to UK Company Kocurek Excavators, now seen as one of the industry leaders in the manufacture of demolition equipment.

SSAB has been helping Kocurek Excavators produce demolition equipment for over three decades. “We never received a faulty steel plate from SSAB,” said David Kocurek, founder and owner / director of Kocurek Excavators. In fact the Ipswich based company has found the strength of the steel to be incredibly easy to work with.  “The key benefit for our company is that we can achieve the high technical results required from the product while welding under normal conditions. I think that is the most important thing for me,” said David. One other benefit has been that SSAB’s plate products are delivered blasted and primed, without any scale or rust on them. “With the primer, we have been able to weld straight on to the plates without any prior cleaning. That is an added benefit with SSAB’s plates. It has saved us a lot of time over the years.”

Kocurek’s demolition excavators’ arms are up to 70m long. As such they need to be able to withstand extreme forces when they are used to literally take buildings down, piece by piece. The use of SSAB’s Strenx high performance steel supports the strength and helps saving weight. “We are always pushing the limits of what we are achieving with the excavators. We need to make the arms as high as possible, as our customers constantly want to go higher. That is why it is so important that the steel has good fatigue resistance. So, we try to save weight by using a thinner material. Naturally we need to maintain strength, so we select SSAB’s Strenx 700 steel to maintain the strength while reducing the thickness of the plate,” said David Kocurek.

Kocurek’s quality products are exported throughout Europe, with the company also shipping to the United States, Philippines and India, and recently, receiving many orders from Australia. “It is very satisfying to have customers travelling from Australia to order equipment from us, and we are sending equipment to all corners of the globe,” said David.

The quality of the SSAB products has gone down well throughout Kocurek. Rebecca Kelly deals with spare part orders and service administration at Kocurek. From her perspective, it is paramount that quality materials are used in the products manufactured by Kocurek, and being a SSAB ‘My Inner Strenx’ member is proof of this. “We are very privileged to have been able to join the ‘My Inner Strenx’ programme; it is a reassurance to our customers that we are using the best quality materials, as well as the best quality processes and practices. The ‘My Inner Strenx’ logo makes it simple and straightforward, you look at a product and you know it is approved,” said Rebecca. 

For the manufacturing process long steel plates are required for the long reach and high reach equipment. SSAB has been able to supply Kocurek with larger plate sizes so the product can be put together with fewer joins. “When you are building something very long, the fewer joins the better. One of the key points where SSAB has helped us is with sheets that we can use effectively and efficiently for our design, and that are suitable as well as durable for the equipment,” added Rebecca.

The equipment from Kocurek is sent throughout the world and stands the test of time in working conditions where tremendous forces are involved. That is why Kocurek has to use a product that will cope over a long period of time. “People expect something to last if they are putting out a lot of money, so for us Strenx steel is the obvious option. It is a quality product going into our quality demolition equipment,” concluded David Kocurek.

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