State of the art dry coring approved for nuclear power plant use

Published 10/10, 2018 at 16:36

Baier has been producing high quality power tools for over 80 years. Located in Stuttgart, Germany, the company now exports to over 60 countries, gaining a worldwide reputation for quality and innovation.

Baier has gained particular knowledge and experience in dry core drilling, with its solutions proving to be more than a match for any rock encountered. Fitted with a high quality vacuum cleaner, unique soft impact system and titanium core bit, the company’s BDB 825 ø160mm easily dry cuts through concrete with rebar, granite, and all kinds of natural stone.

Now an additional machine has been added to Baier’s dry core drilling range: the new BDB 829 with a maximum dry core cutting range of ø250mm . Fitted with a powerful 2.3kW engine and a solid two gear box, the BDB 829 has enough torque to successfully dry core from 50mm upwards.  As with its smaller predecessor, the BDB 829, it is able to deal with any kind of stone, or the hardest concrete with rebar. Furthermore, it requires no water use, resulting in no water contamination, and no resulting decontamination costs. 

This new drill is particularly suited for the removing of contaminated concrete from the interior of the nuclear power station walls. The BDB 829 is automatically adjustable by 1/10mm, is dust free and dry, requiring zero water or humidity, and when working in hazardous conditions, may be remote controlled on an automated rail guided system. It is also fitted with a double dust suction device to work totally dust free on rails from 0.5m to 20m.  No human input is required, and is able to work 24h a day, 7 days a week.  This system has also been approved for use by German nuclear power plants.

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