Success for Lissmac in the US

Published 22/2, 2018 at 13:59

Lissmac USA is excited to report that the company have concluded another successful World of Concrete show.

After Lissmac’s first full year on the US market for construction machinery, the company’s customer base has become familiar with Lissmac’s quality and welcomed the opportunity of viewing Lissmac’s machines in action at the company’s 1,200 square foot booth. 

One of the customer favorites was the high horsepower deep cutting and production hydraulic rider saw. Also, following new OSHA regulations, Lissmac’s suction and vacuum units for slurry recycling were especially popular among the concrete cutting contractors. 

Another highlight were Lissmac’s portable electric floor cutters, which garnered much interest from small, medium and large size contractors alike. According to a Lissmac spokesman the customers especially appreciated the fact that the floor cutters can be powered by a mobile generator, and a flush-mount blade guard that allows for cutting directly along walls. 

Lissmac USA would like to thank all visitors for stopping by their booth and taking the time to talk with them. Lissmac USA look forward to seeing their clients out in the field throughout the year, and again at next year’s World of Concrete in January 2019.


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