Successful Aquajet hydrodemolition days

Published 16/5, 2017 at 16:01

Aquajet Systems’s hydrodemolition days in April attracted around 100 visitors from 22 nations. Of particular interest was the new water filtration systems EcoClear 2.0 with the RECO control system.

Aquajet Systems, now owned by Brokk, has in the last couple of years put hydrodemolition on the global demolition map. The Swedish manufacturer has proved that hydrodemolition is a demolition method not just for specialised hydrodemolition contractors, but also firms working with concrete cutting and general demolition. Hydrodemolition is an alternative method that is useful when other methods do not fit the specifications. With Aquajet’s latest developments hydrodemolition has also became more exact and accurate.

Every year Aquajet Systems invite their clients and agents around the globe to their Hydrodemolition Days in Holsbybrunn in the south of Sweden. This year the meeting took place between 5-6 of April and included product presentations and demonstrations. Also attending were representatives from, Brokk in Skellefteå and the US subsidiary from Monroe, Washington state. 

The first day started with a welcome address and presentation by Aquajet Systems managing director Roger Simonsson, followed by Aquajet chief engineer Ronnie Hilmersson speaking about the latest developments.

Later in the day David Porciello from the Canadian hydrodemolition contractor Cor-Blast gave a presentation titled ‘Hydrodemolition from a contractor’s perspective’. The day continued with live demonstrations of the new water filtration system, Aqua Cutter 710V evolution 2.0 with a Power Pack EcoSilence and Aqua Cutter 410A evolution 2.0 with a Power Pack UHP. 

Andrew Birt from the US company StoneAge demonstrated their industrial cleaning equipment and Swedish company TST Sweden presented their safety equipment. In the evening a dinner was held at a countryside restaurant with entertainment from musicians and comedians. Next day a summary was held including additional demonstrations and meetings.

Water filtration has become a very big issue with stronger regulations how to treat water in the construction environment before it is returned to nature. The Aquajet System EcoClear water treatment system is a solution dedicated to filtering hydrodemolition water on a new level. EcoClear enables operators to safely discharge water without pollution back into the environment without the need of an extra water reservoir or filters. EcoClear is designed to work with the range of Aqua Cutter robots. It is capable of handling a flow rate up to 20m3/h. With EcoClear contractors can neutralize elevated alkaline pH levels down to pH 6-9 while operators have full control of the turbidity level down to 20-25mg particles/litre.  

EcoClear is powered by Slitbuster and consists of a number of water treatment chambers. It uses flocculation technology to remove the maximum amount of sludge from the water and the operator can take care of all particle sizes and weights. The process is easily monitored online with the RECO control system.


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