Superabrasive launches new propane grinder

Published 18/12, 2017 at 14:18

Superabrasive’s new 510mm propane grinder, L20G-X, designed to improve productivity, performance and safety is claimed to be is the first propane grinder with Fuel-Minder a closed loop fuel management system.

Fuel-Minder is a digital fuel system featuring closed loop feedback, fuel lock-off capability, emissions safety warnings with shutdown, and an LCD screen with user interface. The system is highly responsive to changes in engine load, providing the optimum air-to-fuel ratio regardless of operating conditions, as well as improved fuel range.

Thanks to its fuel management system, the L20G-X grinder can be run between 610revs/min and 1,090revs/min on the grinding heads, which allows for more effective grinding and extended tooling life.  

The new Lavina misting system produces 10 micron sized water droplets, which suppress and remove breathable fugitive dust particles from 0.1 to 1000 microns. It avoids the moisture problems of common spray type systems used in combination with dust extractors. 

The much lower emissions provide safer work environment.

It has a redesigned grinding head with low-friction chain gear planetary drive. The combination of the low-friction chain gear planetary drive, dust proof design and the highest power engine in 603cc LPG class, results in a reliable and powerful 510mm grinder. In addition, the balance between the new frame geometry and grinding head weight delivers excellent manoeuvrability and easy tool changes.

Other new features include integrated weights with on and off positions for adjusting the grinding pressure. New skirt with a flexible brush for improved dust containment, plus the vacuum hose is now near the dust source. New LED lights, one in the front and one in the back, improve monitoring of the floor refinement. There is a phone charging station with a phone holder and dual USB port 2.0, a steel cup holder and non-marking grey rubber tyres. 

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