Superabrasive’s new products at WOC

Published 29/3, 2016 at 16:17

At the recent World of Concrete exhibition diamond tools and equipment manufacturer Superabrasive introduced the latest addition to the Lavina line, the L25LM-X.

This is a self-propelled 635mm grinding and polishing machine featuring a second motor that propels the machine forward for a steady work speed and consistent scratch pattern. The self-propelled motion makes grinding much easier for the operator and also minimizes the risk of mistakes and improves productivity.

Superabrasive also unveiled a new Lavina propane vacuum V-32-G, featuring a Kawasaki propane engine, Longopac bagging system and HEPA filter. Switching to a propane grinder and a propane vacuum eliminates the need for generators and all power and wiring issues, and allows for a faster and easier set up. The propane vacuum will be available for sale in the summer. 

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