Teamwork led to success in Chicago I-90 project

Published 10/7, 2017 at 12:51

Interstate 90 in Chicago is a major thoroughfare through city and any road or bridge repairs, require advanced planning, teamwork and the right equipment to keep everything on schedule.

Currently a large stretch of I-90, from Chicago to Rockford, is undergoing a major renovation project entailing the removal of lanes to the replaced by wider, concrete ones. Chicago Cut Concrete Cutting, based in Schaumberg, Illinois, is responsible for demolition slab sawing the old concrete lanes, and then green sawing the new concrete to control shrinkage cracking.

Over 24km of roadway, including five bridges, need to be demolished and green cut. With such a large project and tight deadlines Tiffany Phillips, president of CCCC, knew her team had to not only rely on the efficiency of the equipment, but also how well the operator and equipment worked as a team.

“From our inception we’ve partnered with Husqvarna Construction Products because we wanted to use the best saws. Husqvarna’s products are efficient and when paired with our operators, we knew we would stay on track with this project,” said Phillips. For the removal of the concrete lanes, CCCC chose Husqvarna’s FS 8400 D, FS 6600 D and the new Tier 4 compliant FS 7000 D floor saws. These saws are known for high production rates and ergonomics that help keep operators cutting 280mm deep in rebar-loaded concrete. For green sawing, Husqvarna Soff-Cut 5000 Ultra Early Entry saws were used.

To meet Illinois State Toll Highway Authority deadlines, CCCC had to work around the clock. The heavy-duty, high-horsepower floor saws and Soff-Cut saws could handle the rough terrain. CCCC lead project manager, Angelo Salatino, constantly made sure everything was ready for the crews to perform without issues. Having everything needed available, along with the Husqvarna saws and operator know-how, CCCC stayed on time with deadlines. 

“The key to any project is teamwork between our team members, operators and saws. Without each and machine working together, we wouldn’t be as successful as we’ve become. We’ve gone from a small company to a major force in our market with Husqvarna’s equipment and help along the way and of course, thanks to our team. This is what makes our company great," said Salatino.

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