The German Demolition conference

Published 16/1, 2017 at 14:32

The German demolition association’s 23rd demolition conference will be held at the hotel Maritim, Stauffenbergstrasse, Berlin on 10th and 11th March 2017.

At the event 22 experts will speak about subjects in the demolition sector. Practical oriented information about important juridical innovations and interesting construction site reports will complete the programme.

The conference will include topics on the scrapping of the Concordia in the harbour of Genoa, the new commercial waste ordinance – what demolition contractors and recycler must know now. Other lectures will include ‘Back construction and Recycling of warm insulating compound systems’, ‘The complexity of rubbish with pollutant renovation,’ ‘The biggest bridge demolition in Germany’ and ‘Practice examples of the committee of experts explosive technology.’ Simultaneous translations will be offered in English, French and Italian.

On the second day, participants will have the possibility to take part in a city bus tour of Berlin.

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